Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ms. Shawn Alladio joins PWCOFFSHORE Race Team

Ms. Shawn Alladio, Southern California
K38 Water Safety International
Primary Race Craft: Kawasaki STX-15F Stock-(Boat Named after Jay Moriarity “JAY”)
Shawn's reputation truly precedes her! Shawn has been on the watercraft scene for decades and is one of the most passionate and accomplished members of the watercraft community. One of the nicest, most inclusive people you will encounter, Shawn represents our sport with class. On the race course she is tenacious, this is one hard charging lady! There is no backing down from Shawn, in any of sea-state. Referred to as "Superwoman of the Surf," Shawn has attacked 100 foot waves at Mavericks in Northern California (2001) on her PWC. Regardless of the PWC related topic, Shawn Alladio is a thought leader in the watercraft community. Google Shawn Alladio's name and you will find a phenomenal amount of watercraft related information authored by Shawn. One of the best safety instructors in the world, Shawn shares her expertise through her K38 Water Safety Group. In addition to teaching and competing, Shawn has saved countless lives on the water. Shawn was recognized for her efforts in saving lives during the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans where she used her PWC and expertise to save lives. There is no question, she is a hard core woman and a tremendous wealth of information. PWCOFFSHORE is truly honored to have Shawn as a member of the Sponsored Racers. Shawn is a proud mother of two children; Shaniah Oceania 4, Kyla Anne 27. "I’ve enjoyed my time on the water from stand ups to sit downs, closed course, slalom, obstacle, enduros, freestyle, exhibitions, trainings, special events and endurance events for many years. I plan on extending these adventures and exploring the PWC watery realm, always more to come! CJ3 inspired me early on in offshore endurance racing, each of us has a person we connect to, his wild side perfectly suited my appetite for going the distance, and I did, I do." Shawn went on to state that "These unique small powered boats have brought great moments into my life and that of my children, especially the people I meet, work, compete with and celebrate our common ground, Personal Watercraft ‘endurance’ racing. It’s an honor to be a member of PWCoffshore Team. I say that with respect to the talent and dedication each of these members have inspired, like a chain reaction. I know firsthand what it takes to make a commitment to something we all love. The PWCOffshore Team provides an avenue that allows each of us to uniquely pursue our individual competitive dreams and test our core physical and mental abilities on these amazing craft. All invitations extended to those who want adventure, get into the world of Offshore Racing! You will discover new friends and open the frontiers of your own limits-Go Cosmic! (Ode to Cosmic Miller)" For more on Shawn Alladio, go to Sponsored Racers Page for her complete background