Tuesday, December 23, 2008

PWC Offshore Riding & Racing Defined

PWC (Watercraft) Offshore Racing & Riding Defined

We hear the term offshore riding and racing used frequently yet many times offshore racing is mischaracterized. Allow us to define it: Offshore PWC Racing involves racing PWC offshore i.e., in the open ocean off the coast where the PWC racer encounters mother nature, her swells, sharks, kelp and cross chop at high rates of speed. True offshore racing does not involve riding in salt water behind a break wall there to offer protection from the elements. Offshore racing and riding involves big waves, chop, tanker wakes, possible fog and big ocean; this is truly offshore riding and racing. Offshore PWC racing attracts a very special breed of racer that has true endurance to race PWC in rough water for long distances. The offshore racer must be able to tolerate a great deal of pain. He/she must be able to endure the potential violence inflicted on the human body that only the open ocean can inflict on man/woman and PWC Machine at a high rate of speed. It usually involves long distances (at least 40 miles) and straight lines that involves some navigation skill.

Currently there is only one true offshore PWC race in the United States every year and that is the Long Beach to Catalina PWC Race. There is a major effort underway to orchestrate other offshore races such as the Dana Point to Avalon PWC Offshore Sprint scheduled for April 5, 2009. But those are it. Do you have what it takes?

Do not be confused, there is only one offshore PWC racing niche and it is just that - off shore in the open ocean between you, your machine and mother nature. Oh how we love it so!
For more information on watercraft / pwc racing go to www.pwcoffshore.com

Monday, December 15, 2008

Steve Friebe Wins The DJSA Endurance Race in Northern Cal in November of 2008

Steve Friebe wins the DJSA Endurance Race in November of 2008 in Northern California. As usual Jim from DJSA Racing put on a great race. We hear nothing but great things about Jim and his ability to put on a great race! Jim's passion for the sport is contagious and has resulted in significant growth in the endurance racing scene in Northern California. For more information on what Jim has going on in Northern California, please check out Diablo Jet Ski Action at www.diablojsa.com Thank you jim!

Steve Friebe sponsored by PWCOFFSHORE and Clawson Motorsports of Fresno California takes no prisoners at the November, 2008 endurance race on the Delta in Northern Cal. The key to Steve's success? Superior prior planning and practice. Steve arrived a day early and ran the course in preparation for the multiple waypoint turns and got to know the course. Not to mention the fact that Steve had his craft pushing 80 mph reliably. Its our opinion that Steve's mechanical ability with the SeaDoo is second to none. Friebe continues to excel in offshore and endurance racing!

Overall, second for the endurance race was Paul Pham of PWCOFFSHORE.com and third went to Sean Conner of PWCOFFSHORE "Gunz" Racing.

Congratulations Steve Friebe and thanks to Jim from Diablo Jet Ski Action for putting on a great race!

For more information of PWC Racing, go to www.pwcoffshore.com

Sunday, December 7, 2008

PWCOFFSHORE Announces The Creation Of The PWCOFFSHORE "Gunz" Racing Group

PWCOFFSHORE.com announces the creation of the PWCOFFSHORE Gunz Racing Group. The Gunz Group will augment PWCOFFSHORE's Sponsored Racer's Group that focuses primarily on racing in the professional PWC class. The PWCOFFSHORE Gunz Group will focus primarily on racing and excelling in the Amateur and Sportsman classes of PWC endurance and offshore racing. Gerner, founder of PWCOFFSHORE.com said that "these racers are the future of offshore and endurance racing. Those designated are relatively new to offshore and endurance racing but have differentiated themselves with tremendous passion for the endurance and offshore racing niche and have excelled in the sport. They have represented the sport with class, knowledge and professionalism. We expect them to continue to represent the sport accordingly and assist the club in growing the sport while affiliated with PWCOFFSHORE."

Please join me in welcoming Sean Conner to PWCOFFSHORE.com as our first Gunz Racer! Sean brings great riding ability and a passion for our sport that will fit nicely into our vision for success on the race course and the demeanor to assist in growing our sport! Sean is smart, articulate knows racing and is tenacious on the race course. Sean will have well over 100 years of experience to leverage from the Sponsored Racer Group to assist him in achieving success.
Sean Conner has spent his life on the water. From the time he was 6 months old on the California Delta to traveling the country as Assistant Crew Chief for the Miss Geico Offshore Powerboat Race Team. Sean started riding PWC's in 1998 at the age of 10 and has been hooked ever since. His primary riding grounds are the California Bay Area. Sean is either working or racing. Sean prefers the hardcore nature of offshore PWC racing in big water but also enjoys the technical aspects and requirements of long distance racing such as the Mark Hahn 300 Mile Endurance Race. Sean started with the Miss Geico Offshore Racing Team in 2006 as part of the boat crew. Continuing on through the 2007ʼ and 2008ʼ season, Sean advanced to Assistant Crew Chief. In this capacity, Sean has executed the setup of the Miss Geico offshore race boats for 45 races including two record speed runs resulting in three consecutive National and World Championships. "Two things that Iʼm known for is attention to detail and strategy" says Sean. "Never overlooking the smallest of details, they do make a difference. Double checking every part, piece, nut, bolt, fitting, championships after every run. Paying attention to detail is what wins races and builds championships. I always have a strategy before each race" Says Sean. "Knowing the strong and weak points of both yourself and your competitors are key to capitalizing on situations when they present themselves, winning races is all about preparation and attention to details." Sean's most prized accomplishment in racing is winning the 2008 Offshore World Championship in Key West with the Geico Team.

Sean' Conner's plans for next season:
Mark Hahn 300 Mile Endurance PWC Race
Dana Point to Avalon Offshore Sprint PWC Race
Long Beach to Catalina Offshore National Championship
6 Race Points Series in Norcal (He wants this championship!)
World Finals Enduro

Sean has owned a Yamaha 1200XLs and currently owns three SeaDoo RXT's

Congratulations Sean Conner!