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The IJSBA 2012 Hot Products Mark Hahn Memorial Havasu 300 Mile Race By DSM

The best PWC / Jet Ski endurance racers in the world gathered in Lake Havasu City, Arizona USA on February 25, 2012 for the Hot Products Mark Hahn Memorial Havasu 300 Mile Race by DSM Events. This international PWC Race is in memory of a fallen racer Mark Hahn who perished while engaged in his passion of racing watercraft. Racers traveled to the United States to participate in the race from Singapore, Russia, Australia, Belgium, France and other countries to put their skills to the ultimate test of 300 miles against the best endurance racers racing has to offer. Executive Producer Mike Follmer said “It is great to see so many international racers competing this year and it shows how important this race has become to the rest of the world. We are truly an international event now. I am always trying to make this special event bigger and better each year. I thank all the racers for their support.” Race Director Ross Wallach said "The race couldn't have gone better!  This years event was truly an international spectacle with so many nations represented!  The racing on the water  was fantastic as the calm conditions provided a very fast course.   I know working with both Jim Russell of DSM Motorsports and Mike Follmer are why this event continues to grown and become one of the best, if not the best endurance race in the world!  I know I am personally looking forward to 2013!"

Racers would wake up to no wind and flat conditions resulting in a throttle run for 300 miles of racing. The checker flag would go to Team Bruno Pastorello (France) and Ente Sylvain (Belgium) for their first place overall placing completing 300 miles in a time of 4:17:35 racing the Kawasaki ULTRA 300X platform. This is the second year in a row that a Pastorello team has taken the overall at the Mark Hahn 300 mile race and the fourth consecutive win for the Kawasaki ULTRA 300X at the Mark Hahn Race. Even on flat water, Kawasaki owned the top three podium positions and an impressive nine of the top ten. With multiple consecutive wins at both the Mark Hahn 300 Mile endurance race and the Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race, Kawasaki’s dominance in endurance and offshore racing is a foregone conclusion.

Russell Marmon would win the Iron Man and take an impressive 2nd place overall on his Kawasaki ULTRA 300X. The vast majority of the racers race the 300 miles of the Mark Hahn with a partner i.e. each racer races 150 miles. Iron Man racers roll the dice and race all 300 miles by themselves requiring a higher degree of stamina and physical fitness. The 2nd place overall placing by Marmon is one of the more impressive performances of the day. 3rd place overall would go to the PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing Team via three time Vet Master IJSBA World Champion KC Heidler and Tom Cruz racing their Kawasaki ULTRA 300X. KC Heidler said he “appreciated all of the hard work and dedication of his technician John Peewee Price” and that he “looked forward to seeing all of the racers at the Triple Crown of Offshore Races in 2012.”

Former 2010 Mark Hahn winner Craig Warner (with race partner Victor Sheldon), a Monster Energy Kawasaki and PWCOFFSHORE.COM CORE Racer would walk away from the field for the majority of the race Iron Manning it on one of the fastest Kawasaki ULTRA 300X platforms racers have ever seen. With the overall win in his sights, Warner would end up having a mechanical that would take him out of contention for the overall but Warner was still able to limp his craft in for an impressive 4th place overall finish. At one point during the race, Warner would ride with one foot in the tray and one foot propping the front hood of his craft up to allow the craft to make it to the Hot Pits for hasty repair. Warner’s tenaciousness was evident on this day.

2012 Mark Hahn Top 10 Overall:
Ski # Name, Class, Laps difference Overall time
1 815 Bruno/Sylvain PRO-AM 4-stroke 30 4:17:35.270
2 666 Russell/Marmon Veteran Masters Open 30 2:50.186 4:20:25.456: IRON MAN WIN
3 2 Heidler/Cruz PRO-AM 4-stroke 30 7:07.000 4:24:42.270
4 7 Craig Warner PRO-AM 4-stroke 29 1 lap 4:27:31.793 IRON MAN
5 23 Iakovlev/Chernukha 4-stroke stock 28 2 laps 4:17:14.536
6 525 Team/Conroy Veteran Masters Open 28 2 laps 4:18:16.977
7 58 Mark Gerner PRO-AM 4-stroke 28 2 laps 4:19:50.409 IRON MAN
8 985 Legendre/SF San Martin 4-stroke stock 28 2 laps 4:22:42.729
9 909 Mendez/Brown PRO-AM 4-stroke 27 3 laps 4:18:31.444
10 60 Bunch/Monday PRO-AM 4-stroke 27 3 laps 4:23:59.202

The Russian team of Iakovlev and Chernukha would travel thousands of miles to participate in this epic event.  Their logistics and preparation would pay dividends with a great showing in 5th place overall. 

PWCOFFSHORE.COM Founder #58 Mark Gerner who won this race in 2009 (with race partner Robert Carreon) and a former Iron Man winner would Iron Man the race once again this year on the Kawasaki ULTRA 300X but would manage equipment issues with both the craft and pit gear throughout the day. Gerner would still pull off a 7th place overall finish. Gerner said “I have the best Pit Crew on the planet and I thank them for making the best of the day.” GL Legendre would travel in from Louisiana with race partner Juan Francisco (San Martin) to complete the race in 8th place overall, an impressive performance for first time Mark Hahn racers racing their #985 Kawasaki ULTRA 300X.GL Legendre said he was “thankful to all involved in putting on such a wonderful event, I appreciate the effort of the team I put together combined with the PWCOFFSHORE.COM crew that offered their assistance throughout the race.”

Mike Mendez and Dean Brown of Northern California would also put in an impressive performance with an exceptionally fast Kawasaki ULTRA 300X taking 9th overall.  Over the past few years, Dean Brown has taken it to the next level  racing the DJSA Races in Northern California with promoter Jim Lambert.  Dean Brown said "Fantastic to race against the best of the best. Never met Mr. Mark Hahn but I'm sure he was watching with a huge smile."  Nicolas Rius raced a blazing fast Turbo Kawasaki ULTRA 260X that was putting in a great performance. Unfortunately Rius would also encounter a mechanical issue ultimately taking him out of contention and out of the race.

The KMG Racing Team of Dave Hardenburger/Fekete/ Day standup team of the United States would take home the overall standup win with an exceptionally fast standup completing 21 laps in a time of 4:25:54. Dave Hardenburger said “Everything lined up for us just right. Our team was strong, our pit crew was on fire, and the conditions were perfect! It was a perfect day for David Fekete, Luke Day and I. Thanks to the KMG Racing Pit Crew for keeping us on pace and on the podium!

Once again, Peter Yauri would win the coveted standup Iron Man. This is the ultimate test of man of machine and Peter Yauri aka "Three-Pete Yauri" for his third consecutive Iron Man win has differentiated himself in this niche. Peter would thank his physical trainer and stated that he looked forward to racing the Mark Hahn again in 2013.

KMG Racing was awarded the Sea Doo Best Pit Crew Award while the PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing Pit Crew was awarded the Best Appearing Pit Crew. The PWCOFFSHORE.COM Pit Crew was comprised of Chaz, Dave Tew, Akira Tanaka, Aaron Cress, Russell Libby, Kody Mullinax, Steve Rasmussen and Rod Mullinax. Racers competing for the overall win at the Mark Hahn 300 understand that this race can’t be won without the best people in an efficient pit crew.

The Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race is the start of the endurance and offshore racing season with the Triple Crown of Offshore starting the offshore season on April 8 in Dana Point, California USA. Be there!

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