Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sean Conner picks up "the even more prestigious" Black Jersey at than the red one he was wearing!

Sean Conner of Gunz Racing (Gunz is the Red Jersey focused on Amateur level racing) is recently selected to take a step up to the Sponsored Racers Group (the Black and Gray Jerseys / Pro and Vet Master Racers). Sean Conner is the youngest racer in the history of Sponsored Racing to become a “Sponsored Black Jersied Racer,” joining the ranks of some of the biggest names in Offshore PWC Racing. Mark Gerner, Founder of said “I’m excited about Sean joining the ranks of the Black Jerseys at PWCOFFSHORE Racing and taking his racing career to the next level, Sean Conner represents the future of Offshore Racing and we look forward to watching Sean continue to grow and win championships. He is one of the very few that has the skill, drive, passion and work ethic to be successful in offshore racing.  He is also a great ambassador for the sport of offshore racing.  He deserves it.”

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