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Actual track from the SPOT Satellite tracking device 
Video at the end of the run:

Santa Barbara to San Diego / Mission Bay ride accomplished! Gerner and Belton of PWCOFFSHORE Racing would encounter wind waves and chop the entire ride with very heavy seas for the last 48 miles of the run. The Kawasaki ULTRA LX watercraft selected for the run for their reliability were bullet proof in the rough seas, even with the front hood cowling being ripped off by the sea state, they performed exceptionally well in the big waters.

The voyage started just before 7am on Sunday November 18

Please remember, as exciting as it was to track this quest, it’s all about the charities. Please support (directly to the charities) one or all of these three causes that are giving so much to our nations veterans and families.

DONATE to The Phoenix Patriot Foundation:

DONATE to The Wounded Warrior Project:

DONATE to The Travis Manion Foundation:

Thank you Kawasaki for the two watercraft, Shawn Alladio for playing a role in prepping the craft and setting the example for charity rides of this nature, Aaron Cress, Kim Bushong for running logistics support on land and being the backup rider for the run, Dan Ketchpel for assisting with navigation and logistics, and most importantly thank you for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and/or been severely wounded for our country - thank you

Warrior Ride Article  


Final Fueling In Santa Barbara on Saturday   
Gerner Sunday at 5 am
Sunday November 18, 2012 at 3 am:  Up and time to rock and roll.  What lies ahead for John Belton and Mark Gerner is a route from Santa Barbara to San Diego on JetSkis that has never been done before on a Jet Ski. This very “big blue” run in the open ocean would take these two accomplished riders up to 40 miles offshore for 200 miles.  The ride would start  from Santa Barbara and proceed to Ventura Harbor, then 82 miles due south to Catalina Island (Avalon) for refueling followed by another open ocean run from Avalon directly to the entrance of Mission Bay in San Diego, all in pursuit of bringing exposure to three key charities that support our country’s wounded or deceased veterans.  This was not a hug the coast ride; this run would take the team deep into the open Pacific Ocean with no chase boat or safety umbrella minus the safety equipment the team could carry aboard their Kawasaki ULTRA LX Jet Skis the team selected for the ride.  The reliability of these two ULTRA LX JetSkis provided by Kawasaki would end up serving the riders well with what lie ahead. 

Gerner & 30 year PWC Veteran Belton Final Prep At The Ramp 
Anyone who knows Mark Gerner knows that he seeks out rough water for races and riding.  For racing “flat water is about a check book, a fast boat and less about the ability of the rider, the rough stuff exposes the talent and true mental toughness of the rider, it separates the men from the boys” Gerner has said.  Given the magnitude and desired timeline of the ride, it was all about selecting the right weekend to allow for manageable, hopefully calm sea state for this epic ride across the open ocean.  Although the team had night riding gear on the craft  as part of their contingency plan, a major component of the plan was to complete the ride with sunlight and avoid riding at night.  Relatively calm seas would allow for the appropriate fuel consumption, craft reliability and daylight to complete the ride.  PWCOFFSHORE Hall of Famer John Belton aka “The Master” of the Long Beach to Catalina Channel was tasked with selecting the appropriate day for the run.  Belton’s thirty years of offshore experience determined that November usually offers the calmest conditions and was selected during the planning process as the best month to proceed.  Although the weather reports would all read positive for November 18, 2012, Mother Nature would not be so accommodating; she is so unpredictable and there would be no freebies.  The two riders would have to earn this epic ride for their three charities.    

With former Offshore National Champion and Iron Man Triathlete Kim Bushong following in trace on land as logistics support and as the backup rider, the team launched the Kawasaki ULTRA LX JetSkis at 6:45 am for the first leg from Santa Barbara due South to Ventura for final refueling prior to the first big ocean run across the Pacific to Avalon on Catalina Island.  Mild seas would greet the riders for the first half of the first leg to Ventura, however the seas would slowly pick up as the wind continued to gain momentum.    
Santa Barbara 
Refueling at Ventura. “Where you guys going” said the gas station attendant.  Avalon on Catalina Island. Avalon?  Yes we’re going to Avalon.  “You have radios on those things?”  After briefing him on the charities the ride was all about, the team said “Yes, radio and about every other piece of safety equipment money can buy minus a satellite phone.  “OK, well that’s a long run, be careful out there and I’ll check out those charities” said the attendant.     

Off and running only to be greeted by
Harbor Patrol at the Channel Islands Harbor.  After questioning us regarding our intentions, we were off once again. It was clear that JetSkis don’t frequent the big waters around the bend.  We also suspect that the large fuel carrying device on the back of Gerner’s craft was an anomaly and got people’s attention.  Drug runners have been using watercraft to smuggle drugs across the border from Mexicointo the United States so we tend to be scrutinized ever so aggressively lately.  Around the bend past the point off Oxnard and into the open Pacific waters and the seas turn big, this is tanker water.  Only ten minutes into the run the team is intercepted by a US Naval Vessel that questioned the team regarding their intentions.  After studying Gerner’s craft and the unique fuel carrying device on the back of his Kawasaki ULTRA LX JetSki, the Navy said “Just stay away from Point Wyneme, we have operations going on.”   “Roger that” Gerner said.  Onward it was and the ride continued on into big water. As the ride progressed into the open ocean, the land got further and further away and the seas became bigger and bigger resulting in the jet-pumps wanting to come undone more than what they had wanted, mother nature is so unpredictable.  That calm sea state the team wanted was not going to happen today and it was game on.  Quite an interesting feeling when you’re out there twenty miles offshore in the open ocean beyond a desired quick response time should something go very wrong.  Trust your machine?  Have the appropriate safety and communications equipment?  Suddenly all of the preparation and money spent on safety equipment and communications gear including the new ACR Epirb devices and other safety gear all seems well worth the big dollar investment.  By the way, how much is your life worth? Think about it next time you’re considering what safety equipment to purchase.  

As the team progressed the wind would continue to pick up and generate more aggressive sea state.  This is going to be a long run.  Gut check baby.  "Heck, for those that are giving their lives and limbs for our country and in the theme of what this ride is all about, this ride is nothing, the least we can do and a piece of cake” the team thinks.  Such an honor to bring exposure to these three great causes that support these great men and women who have served our country so valiantly.        

Three and a half hours later the team arrived at Avalon for refueling.  “Is there a new small craft advisory out there today” Gerner asks the attendant? “No, but it’s really choppy south channel and it’s picking up” says the attendant.  A big fuel bill at the Avalon gas station and the team is ready to make the final run from Avalon on Catalina down to San Diego.  There is no island to protect the riders for those final 79 miles.  For those who have made a run South between Catalina and the San Clement Island, you know that the wind blows hard between the two islands creating a combination of wind waves, swells and washing machine like water, totally different from the water encountered in the channel between Long Beach and Catalina.  This is nasty water for watercraft and the riders would take a beating during this stretch. 

"Lets do this Mark" said Belton.  Thirty miles into the final open ocean run the seas would turn to what offshore racers call “punishment water,” large steep following wind waves at short intervals.  This sea state results in the craft going up over a large wave followed by the nose dropping directly into the back of the next wave resulting in hard nose plows and water over the bow.  With 40 miles offshore and 42 miles to go, both the riders and the two Kawasaki JetSkis would take a severe beating, the sea state ripping the front hood cover off of Gerner’s craft and bending the front plastic nose cover on his Kawasaki.  The front hood cover also carried Gerner’s GPS navigation devices requiring him to adjust his navigation approach and dead reckon for the final 42 miles with periodic GPS checks.  There would be 42 miles of water over the bow saturating the team’s goggles making them useless and having to be removed.  This meant salt water directly in the eyes every 10 seconds.    The wind waves would become so large that the team members would temporarily lose each other twice in the large swells of the rolling seas and white caps.  At one point a military helicopter would come close to the riders to observe what the two were doing so far offshore in big seas.  Both Gerner and Belton would wonder if they had inadvertently activated their EPIRB PLB causing the helicopter to come it.  They did not; it was just a curious pilot.  Even with all the beating these Kawasaki ULTRA LX JetSkis would sustain, they would not miss a mechanical beat, they were bulletproof.

Refueling in the rough seas while underway would have presented issues.  “Given how big it was during the last leg, if we would have had to fuel the craft underway during that last stretch, we probably would have ingested water or capsized” said Gerner.  Since Kawasaki was so generous to sponsor the ride with the two ULTRA LX JetSkis and were not owned by the team, the team did not install an extra custom integrated fuel tank in the nose of the craft.  Should the craft have needed fuel; the team had two full five gallon fuel containers on the back of Gerner's craft requiring the team to manually refuel with the jugs.  Thankfully, the Kawasaki ULTRA LX JetSkis had great fuel consumption and range and there would be no need to refuel while underway. 
With the sun starting to set in the West, the team would arrive at the mouth of Mission Bay at 4 pm, both glad to be in safe harbor and welcoming the flat, serene waters off Mission Bay.  From one extreme to the other, getting hammered with six foot wind waves to riding half foot wind chop felt like going from riding an angry bull to riding a soft, comfortable couch.  Kim Bushong would be there to greet the team with a large smile on his face; “You guys made it just in the nick of time with the sun going down, and all for a good cause” said Kim Bushong. 

All for a good cause.  We thank all that have been wounded and made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  Please review these websites and consider making a donation directly to one or all of these charities:    

DONATE to The Phoenix Patriot Foundation:

DONATE to The Wounded Warrior Project:

DONATE to The Travis Manion Foundation:
Thank you Kawasaki, Dan Ketchpel of the SoCal Watercraft Club, Dave “Pirate” Tew, Kim Bushong, Aaron Cress and Shawn Alladio for their support of this epic ride.

Santa Barbara pre-launch 
Santa Barbara pre-launch
Gerner and Bushong 
Kim Bushong, 5 am Sunday morning   
Spot satellite tracking device - actual track

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“If not me, then who” Travis Manion, 1st Lt USMC (RIP)

Mark Gerner and John Belton of PWCOFFSHORE Racing to ride PWC / Jet Skis 235 miles unassisted (no chase boat)across the open ocean on Kawasaki ULTRA LX Jet Skis from Santa Barbara, Ca to San Diego, Ca. in one day to honor our wounded and deceased veterans. They are doing so in pursuit of exposure of the three charities below and your donations directly to these charities. The ride is intended to be a big blue run across the open ocean from Santa Barbara to Ventura, then to Catalina Island and then a direct open ocean shot from Avalon to San Diego. The team has targeted Sunday November 18, 2012 for the ride. But before we talk about this amazing offshore ride, here is what YOU can do: 

Please click, review and DONATE to The Travis Manion Foundation: watch the video on the right of this page.

"If not me, then who...” Travis Manion

“Before he left for his second tour in Iraq, 1st Lt. Travis Manion was asked why he had to go back to war. His simple response: "If Not Me, Then Who..." inspired many, including his mother, who founded the Travis Manion Foundation shortly after Travis was killed on April 29, 2007. Until she passed away nearly five years later, Janet Manion spent every day embodying the poignant words that her only son once spoke. Helping those in need was something that came very easily for Travis and Janet. In keeping the spirit of their selfless nature alive, the Travis Manion Foundation continues their noble mission through pillar programs that assist our nation's troops, veterans, military families, and loved ones of fallen heroes. Please consider investing in the Travis Manion Foundation's "If Not Me, Then Who..." mission.”

DONATE to The Phoenix Patriot Foundation:

The Phoenix Patriot Foundation's mission is to provide direct support to severely wounded veterans enabling them to fully recover, reintegrate and remain engaged in serving America.

DONATE to The Wounded Warrior Project:

The Wounded Warrior Project is to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation's history. To raise awareness and enlist the public's aid for the needs of injured service members. To help injured service members aid and assist each other and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members

Our objective is to generate $10,000.00 for each of these three charities 

(please make contributions directly to the charities; please do not send any donations to the riders please). 

What can YOU do to show support? Contribute no less than 3.00 to each of these three charities! That is less than a Starbucks Latte for each charity! Also review their web pages and learn more about how you could possibly support these great charities! Forward this email to all that might want to contribute - Thank you!

The Ride:

Mark Gerner, a former US Marine Corps Infantry Officer and John Belton of PWCOFFSHORE will ride PWC / Jet Skis for a distance of 235 miles in November of 2012 across the open ocean from Santa Barbara to Ventura, Ca., then across the channel to Avalon (Catalina Island), then make a direct big ocean run from Avalon to San Diego, all in one day on November 18, 2012. They are making this epic offshore ride to bring exposure and fundraising to these three great charities. 

The Riders: 

Mark Gerner is founder of PWCOFFSHORE, a former Mark Hahn 300 mile Endurance Race overall National Champion (with race partner Robert Carreon), a Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race Iron Man winner, a two-time 2nd place overall finisher at the Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championships and former Triple Crown of Offshore overall champion. He has been riding Personal Watercraft / Jet Skis offshore for fifteen years. 

John Belton is a member of the PWCOFFSHORE Hall of Fame, PWCOFFSHORE Warrior Award winner, former Mark Hahn 300 mile Endurance Race overall National Champion (with race partner Tracy Malan) and one of the most experienced offshore Personal Watercraft / Jet Ski riders in the world with over 30 years of offshore experience and in excess of 1000 cross channel transits from Long Beach to Catalina and back rides on a Jet Ski. 

Ride Sponsors: 

Kawasaki: Thank you Kawasaki for supporting this great cause with two Kawasaki ULTRA LX Jet Skis provided for this epic ride!


Ride Supporters: 

Liquid Militia:

SoCalWatercraft Club

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Craig Warner Wins 2012 Triple Crown of Offshore on the Kawasaki ULTRA 300X

Craig Warner Wins 2012 Triple Crown of Offshore
Monster Energy Kawasaki Sponsored Racer Craig Warner of Southern California wins each of the three races of the TCO and sweeps the 2012 Triple Crown of Offshore Racing series. Never before has a racer won every round of the TCO and swept the entire series. Warner raced the Monster Energy Kawasaki backed Kawasaki ULTRA 300X and took the win of the final race of the series; The 56 mile Dana Point, Ca USA to Oceanside and Back offshore race and did so by a significant margin.

Warner’s win solidifies Kawasaki’s dominance of offshore Jet Ski racing by sweeping the podium of every race of the TCO series and taking the top three overall points placements for the 2012 Triple Crown of Offshore. Monster Energy Kawasaki's Craig Warner (Kawasaki ULTRA 300X) had a perfect score and the highest points of the series, KC Heidler (Kawasaki ULTRA 300X) with the 2nd highest points and Mark Gerner (Kawasaki ULTRA 300X) with the 3rd highest points of the three race series.

For more information regarding offshore racing, go to

Craig Warner wins 2012 Triple Crown of Offshore on 300X

Iron Man Athlete KC Heidler of PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing

Mark Gerner

PWCOFFSHORE.COM Makes History - Big Blue Offshore Run From DANA POINT, CA Directly To The South Point of SAN CLEMENTE ISLAND's Pyramid Cove, 122 Miles Round Trip On Kawasaki ULTRA 300X Jet Skis

PWCOFFSHORE.COM Big Blue Offshore Run From DANA POINT, CA Directly To The South Point of SAN CLEMENTE ISLAND's Pyramid Cove, 122 Miles Round Trip On Kawasaki ULTRA 300X Jet Skis


September 2, 2012 5:45 am, Dana Point Harbor, CA: “Where you going today” says a stranger to Mark Gerner. San Clemente Island. “San Clemente island? On a Jet Ski?” Yes. “San Clemente? That’s like, over 60 miles offshore” Yes. “You have a chase boat, right?” No. “Are you going to Avalon, Catalina first?” No. “On a Jet Ski?” Yes. “Why not go to Avalon first, that’s like half way there right? “ Because we’re not aware of anyone that’s done this direct shot before from Dana Point to Pyramid Cove, San Clemente Island unassisted there and back. “Do you know there are probably 6-8 foot seas out there because of the hurricane?” Yes. “Do you have enough fuel?” Yes, we’ll be fine. Long pause from the stranger…….. With a little nervous laughter “You guys are nuts, be safe.” This will be good training - plus, we’re prepared, said Gerner.

That preparation was due in large part to three time Vet Master World Champion KC Heidler and technician Peewee Price.

9/2/2012: Three select racers from PWCOFFSHORE.COM plot a course from Dana Point tracking directly 61 miles across the open seas to the South Point of San Clemente Island, a military base approximately 30 miles beyond Catalina Island and 61 miles from Dana Point. The brainchild of three-time world champion KC Heidler of PWCOFFSHORE, Heidler’s original intent was to take the adventure all the way to Cortez Bank 100 miles offshore on Saturday, September 1. Unfortunately the hurricane, small craft advisory at San Clemente Island, 7 foot seas, white caps combined with the challenged manageability of the craft due to the weight of 46 gallons of fuel on the Jet Ski in that sea state resulted in the team opting to push the Cortez ride out and do a San Clemente Island ride direct from Dana Point.

Mark Gerner, KC Heidler and Tom Cruz launched from Dana Point to tackle the 122 mile pure “big blue” open ocean run direct from Dana Point California to San Clemente and back. Supported by Race Technician Peewee Price, the day started with a navigation and weather brief from KC Heidler at 5:15 am followed by launch. “It’s going to be a bumpy run out there guys” said Heidler. The team was underway by 6:30 am. The group would encounter 5-8 foot seas and white caps the entire way to San Clemente Island. It became especially intense at the half way mark approximately 20 miles due south of the South tip of Catalina Island with the southerly winds between the islands stirring up quite a mess of 8 foot steep waves. After over two hours of being hammered by white caps, 15 knot winds and 8 footers off the East side of San Clemente Island due to the residuals of the hurricane, the team arrived safely to rendezvous with their refueling craft “The Tranquilidad” – 60 ft. The Beneteau was anchored on the outer rim of Pyramid Cove on the South side of San Clemente Island and skippered by Jeremy Anwyl. The craft was equipped with aircraft grade fuel bladders and zuck up bibs for the team to refuel from. The sea state would involve less white caps on the return run with large swells, by no means flat but only a few white caps and following seas resulting in a significantly less eventful ride back compared to the exceptionally large & intense conditions on the way out.

The team had two Epirbs each, SPOT Tracking Devices, Satellite phone, two radios each, a total of nine GPS devices, floats plans etc. Safety was paramount.

Thank you Jeremy Anwyl for the great skipper support, thank you Salty! Captain Macc of SeaTow for watching out for us and the constant communication, Peewee and Brandy Price for the phenomenal preparation work and support.

Note to reader: San Clemente Island is a military training ground. There are parts of San Clemente that don’t allow boats within miles of the Island. There are times that San Clemente Island is completely closed within a few miles. Land access is not authorized (Stay off the island). Coordinate with their website prior to considering approaching the island on a boat of any size. WE RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT MAKE THIS RUN on a Jet Ski without a minimum of a decade of offshore experience on a Jet Ski, multiple ride partners, significant planning and redundant safety equipment.


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2011 Kawasaki ULTRA 300X Review and Feedback

The intent of this page is to offer the reader an objective view of the new 2011 Kawasaki ULTRA 300X. We will not address the specific detailed technical information offered on the Kawasaki website; this will be about riding characteristics, performance, issues and observations. We encourage you to go to the Kawasaki site for the specific technical information about the craft, you need to know this. I was one of the first owners of the 2007 Kawasaki ULTRA 250X and have spent in excess of 250 hours on the ULTRA platform (I’ve owned two ULTRA 250's) and understand the craft exceptionally well. My feedback will be based on my observations and opinions expressed subsequent to riding this craft aggressively offshore. Nothing will be done “scientifically” and you may take and act on our opinions and observations at your own
Click here for the review:

Below, Video of 2011 Long Beach to Catalina and Back Race

Below, Mark Gerner at 2012 Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race

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John Belton Inducted Into the PWCOFFSHORE Hall of Fame! Member #3
John Belton being congratulated by Steve Fribe and legendary offshore racer Billy Womack (Center)
July 22, 2012

The racers selected to the PWCOFFSHORE Racing Hall of Fame have been selected for their years of accomplishments and contribution to the offshore Jet Ski / PWC sport, overall impact they have had on the offshore racing community and sport as a whole. These racers are truly the elite of the elite.  

The 3rd member to be inducted into the Hall of Fame is John Belton. John Belton was the most experienced rider selected to be a PWCOFFSHORE Racing Sponsored Racer in 2008. 

John has been riding personal watercraft for 25 years and has spent the vast majority of his life on the water through sailing and other offshore sports. Mild mannered, but don’t be fooled! This is a marathon runner, motocross rider, Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race Champion with many wins under his belt from decades on the water. 

The consummate professional nick-named "The Master" by his peers, John has earned the respect of veteran racers from well over 1200 (yes, that is 1200) 58 mile Long Beach to Catalina and back rides on a PWC and countless hours spent on the ocean sailing his sailboat. Simply put, John is one of the most knowledgeable, experienced PWC offshore riders in the world. A tremendous wealth of information for offshore riding and racing related topics, there is nobody on the water today that knows the Long Beach to Catalina channel as well as John. A master at reading the water, predicting sea state, astute at navigation, a mentor and great friend to many and a class act to boot. 

Welcome John Belton to the PWCOFFSHORE Hall of Fame!

For more information regarding offshore racing, go to
PWCOFFSHORE Inducts Steve Friebe into the PWCOFFSHORE Hall of Fame!
July 22, 2012

The racers selected to the PWCOFFSHORE Racing Hall of Fame have been selected for their contribution to our sport and overall impact they have had on the offshore racing community and sport as a whole. These racers are truly the elite of the elite. Up until this point, there has been only one worthy of the honor and that was Mr. Billy Womack way back in 2008. We are pleased to announce that there is another member inducted into the Hall of Fame!

The latest member to be bestowed the honor, and the newest member of the PWCOFFSHORE Hall of Fame is the man called “THE FAMOUS ONE,” Mr. Steve Friebe!  Steve is pictured above being congratulated by legendary offshore racer Billy Womack, the first racer ever inducted into the PWCOFFSHORE Hall of Fame.

Recently retired (for the second time) Steve Friebe has been racing watercraft professionally for 14 years with multiple National Championships including the 2011 Triple Crown of Offshore Champion, 2011 DJSA Champion, a Mark Hahn 300 Mile National Champion and the list goes on and on. Steve is also a committed PWC race technician by trade and is arguably one of the best technicians in the country. Those who know Steve know him as a tenacious racer, class act and a man of integrity whose actions speak louder than his words. You won’t find a person more willing to jump in and assist another racer. Steve, you are one of the best, congratulations, you deserve it!
For more information regarding offshore PWC Racing, go to

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The IJSBA 2012 Hot Products Mark Hahn Memorial Havasu 300 Mile Race By DSM

The best PWC / Jet Ski endurance racers in the world gathered in Lake Havasu City, Arizona USA on February 25, 2012 for the Hot Products Mark Hahn Memorial Havasu 300 Mile Race by DSM Events. This international PWC Race is in memory of a fallen racer Mark Hahn who perished while engaged in his passion of racing watercraft. Racers traveled to the United States to participate in the race from Singapore, Russia, Australia, Belgium, France and other countries to put their skills to the ultimate test of 300 miles against the best endurance racers racing has to offer. Executive Producer Mike Follmer said “It is great to see so many international racers competing this year and it shows how important this race has become to the rest of the world. We are truly an international event now. I am always trying to make this special event bigger and better each year. I thank all the racers for their support.” Race Director Ross Wallach said "The race couldn't have gone better!  This years event was truly an international spectacle with so many nations represented!  The racing on the water  was fantastic as the calm conditions provided a very fast course.   I know working with both Jim Russell of DSM Motorsports and Mike Follmer are why this event continues to grown and become one of the best, if not the best endurance race in the world!  I know I am personally looking forward to 2013!"

Racers would wake up to no wind and flat conditions resulting in a throttle run for 300 miles of racing. The checker flag would go to Team Bruno Pastorello (France) and Ente Sylvain (Belgium) for their first place overall placing completing 300 miles in a time of 4:17:35 racing the Kawasaki ULTRA 300X platform. This is the second year in a row that a Pastorello team has taken the overall at the Mark Hahn 300 mile race and the fourth consecutive win for the Kawasaki ULTRA 300X at the Mark Hahn Race. Even on flat water, Kawasaki owned the top three podium positions and an impressive nine of the top ten. With multiple consecutive wins at both the Mark Hahn 300 Mile endurance race and the Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race, Kawasaki’s dominance in endurance and offshore racing is a foregone conclusion.

Russell Marmon would win the Iron Man and take an impressive 2nd place overall on his Kawasaki ULTRA 300X. The vast majority of the racers race the 300 miles of the Mark Hahn with a partner i.e. each racer races 150 miles. Iron Man racers roll the dice and race all 300 miles by themselves requiring a higher degree of stamina and physical fitness. The 2nd place overall placing by Marmon is one of the more impressive performances of the day. 3rd place overall would go to the PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing Team via three time Vet Master IJSBA World Champion KC Heidler and Tom Cruz racing their Kawasaki ULTRA 300X. KC Heidler said he “appreciated all of the hard work and dedication of his technician John Peewee Price” and that he “looked forward to seeing all of the racers at the Triple Crown of Offshore Races in 2012.”

Former 2010 Mark Hahn winner Craig Warner (with race partner Victor Sheldon), a Monster Energy Kawasaki and PWCOFFSHORE.COM CORE Racer would walk away from the field for the majority of the race Iron Manning it on one of the fastest Kawasaki ULTRA 300X platforms racers have ever seen. With the overall win in his sights, Warner would end up having a mechanical that would take him out of contention for the overall but Warner was still able to limp his craft in for an impressive 4th place overall finish. At one point during the race, Warner would ride with one foot in the tray and one foot propping the front hood of his craft up to allow the craft to make it to the Hot Pits for hasty repair. Warner’s tenaciousness was evident on this day.

2012 Mark Hahn Top 10 Overall:
Ski # Name, Class, Laps difference Overall time
1 815 Bruno/Sylvain PRO-AM 4-stroke 30 4:17:35.270
2 666 Russell/Marmon Veteran Masters Open 30 2:50.186 4:20:25.456: IRON MAN WIN
3 2 Heidler/Cruz PRO-AM 4-stroke 30 7:07.000 4:24:42.270
4 7 Craig Warner PRO-AM 4-stroke 29 1 lap 4:27:31.793 IRON MAN
5 23 Iakovlev/Chernukha 4-stroke stock 28 2 laps 4:17:14.536
6 525 Team/Conroy Veteran Masters Open 28 2 laps 4:18:16.977
7 58 Mark Gerner PRO-AM 4-stroke 28 2 laps 4:19:50.409 IRON MAN
8 985 Legendre/SF San Martin 4-stroke stock 28 2 laps 4:22:42.729
9 909 Mendez/Brown PRO-AM 4-stroke 27 3 laps 4:18:31.444
10 60 Bunch/Monday PRO-AM 4-stroke 27 3 laps 4:23:59.202

The Russian team of Iakovlev and Chernukha would travel thousands of miles to participate in this epic event.  Their logistics and preparation would pay dividends with a great showing in 5th place overall. 

PWCOFFSHORE.COM Founder #58 Mark Gerner who won this race in 2009 (with race partner Robert Carreon) and a former Iron Man winner would Iron Man the race once again this year on the Kawasaki ULTRA 300X but would manage equipment issues with both the craft and pit gear throughout the day. Gerner would still pull off a 7th place overall finish. Gerner said “I have the best Pit Crew on the planet and I thank them for making the best of the day.” GL Legendre would travel in from Louisiana with race partner Juan Francisco (San Martin) to complete the race in 8th place overall, an impressive performance for first time Mark Hahn racers racing their #985 Kawasaki ULTRA 300X.GL Legendre said he was “thankful to all involved in putting on such a wonderful event, I appreciate the effort of the team I put together combined with the PWCOFFSHORE.COM crew that offered their assistance throughout the race.”

Mike Mendez and Dean Brown of Northern California would also put in an impressive performance with an exceptionally fast Kawasaki ULTRA 300X taking 9th overall.  Over the past few years, Dean Brown has taken it to the next level  racing the DJSA Races in Northern California with promoter Jim Lambert.  Dean Brown said "Fantastic to race against the best of the best. Never met Mr. Mark Hahn but I'm sure he was watching with a huge smile."  Nicolas Rius raced a blazing fast Turbo Kawasaki ULTRA 260X that was putting in a great performance. Unfortunately Rius would also encounter a mechanical issue ultimately taking him out of contention and out of the race.

The KMG Racing Team of Dave Hardenburger/Fekete/ Day standup team of the United States would take home the overall standup win with an exceptionally fast standup completing 21 laps in a time of 4:25:54. Dave Hardenburger said “Everything lined up for us just right. Our team was strong, our pit crew was on fire, and the conditions were perfect! It was a perfect day for David Fekete, Luke Day and I. Thanks to the KMG Racing Pit Crew for keeping us on pace and on the podium!

Once again, Peter Yauri would win the coveted standup Iron Man. This is the ultimate test of man of machine and Peter Yauri aka "Three-Pete Yauri" for his third consecutive Iron Man win has differentiated himself in this niche. Peter would thank his physical trainer and stated that he looked forward to racing the Mark Hahn again in 2013.

KMG Racing was awarded the Sea Doo Best Pit Crew Award while the PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing Pit Crew was awarded the Best Appearing Pit Crew. The PWCOFFSHORE.COM Pit Crew was comprised of Chaz, Dave Tew, Akira Tanaka, Aaron Cress, Russell Libby, Kody Mullinax, Steve Rasmussen and Rod Mullinax. Racers competing for the overall win at the Mark Hahn 300 understand that this race can’t be won without the best people in an efficient pit crew.

The Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race is the start of the endurance and offshore racing season with the Triple Crown of Offshore starting the offshore season on April 8 in Dana Point, California USA. Be there!

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