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Personal Watercraft Industry Association Statement on the Final Rule Published for Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

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November 25, 2008 Jennifer Hall, 202-777-3503
Personal Watercraft Industry Association Statement on the Final Rule Published for Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
WASHINGTON – The following statement can be attributed to Maureen Healey, executive director of the Personal Watercraft Industry Association:
"The great news that Mavericks was added as a new, fifth personal watercraft zone is unfortunately spoiled by the fact that marine sanctuary managers in Central California have, without site-specific science, arbitrarily changed the definition of a personal watercraft to now include boats enjoyed by thousands of families.
"According to NOAA, any motorized craft up to 20 feet in length with jet propulsion is now prohibited from sanctuary waters, with the exception of five designated zones. Because of this misguided rule, many families who own boats in Central California have been punished without cause and now have no place to go boating.
"This new definition of a PWC was implemented despite overwhelming opposition at a series of six public hearings and from local and state governments, and without the recommendation from NOAA’s own Sanctuary Advisory Council. This new PWC rule is the product of the parochial opinions and points of view of a few managers rather than facts and science. This type of unilateral decision making should have no place in our government. In fact, California’s state boating law agency opposed this rule when it was originally proposed by NOAA.
"Modern personal watercraft have evolved into some of the most environmentally friendly motorized boats on the water. In the last decade, emissions have been reduced by up to 90 percent and sound has been reduced by 70 percent. PWC comply with all applicable state and federal emissions and sound requirements. They are boats that should be allowed where other forms of motorized boating is permitted. If individual users are a problem, they should be punished on an individual basis. It’s never good public policy to ban an entire class of vessels because of a few individual boaters. The impact is simply unacceptable and too far reaching."
About PWIA
PWIA represents the four manufacturers of personal watercraft: American Honda Motor Company (makers of AquaTrax®), BRP US, Inc. (makers of Sea-Doo®), Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. (makers of JET SKI®) and Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A. (makers of WaveRunner®). As a result of remarkable technological advancements, modern personal watercraft are up to 90 percent cleaner and 70 percent quieter than those produced prior to 1998. More information on personal watercraft can be viewed at www.pwia.org.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wingman In The Ocean For PWC Endurance Riding Offshore

You must have a Wingman when you ride in the ocean. Fighter pilots and Marine Corps Infantrymen do not fly or walk into combat missions solo, you should not venture into the ocean solo on a PWC. Wingmen are those men and women in a fighter pilot's formation who assist in accomplishing a mission and watching their wingman's back. With offshore PWC riding, designated Wingmen are those men and women in your group who help you get back to port and to your family in one piece. The process and trusting relationships you build with your Wingmen PWC riders are critical to your success and safety on the water. After riding in the ocean for almost thirteen years, I have seen many close calls that could have resulted in injury or a loss of a rider. There are few places on earth that can be less forgiving than the ocean, especially if you're on an eleven foot PWC and twenty miles at sea. She is majestic, soothing and beautiful but she can also be death, she must be respected. Don't respect her and she will bite, it is only a matter of time. You must be proactive, prepared and vigilant about safety. It goes without saying that you must have the fundamental safety gear, communications equipment, navigation equipment and tow rope etc., but that's a different article. So how does a Wingman apply to riding PWC and how does one implement an effective Wingman process and strategy in the ocean. Here are a few guidelines for your consideration. First, you must identify your wingman before you step off the dock and he/she should acknowledge you as his/her wingman. They should be two man teams. Choose a Wingman that has equivalent riding skill and a watercraft that is similar in speed. You must have a game plan and prepare for either breaking down or losing one another (but don't do that! Stay together!). Don't rush the conversation with him before you step off, yes you're excited to get on the water but ultimately its not a fun day if you don't come home. Have a contingency plan. You are now accountable for one another. You must have a two way radio and have his or her cell number programmed into your fully charged waterproofed cell phone that you carry with you on your craft. You must each have tow ropes, redundancy is key. RULE #1, you never, ever leave your wingman while en route - NEVER! You must stay within a distance that enables you to maintain visibility of him/her and monitor how he is doing. We all have that desire to focus forward, hammer the throttle down and get to our destination. Should you have a wingman and not look back and monitor their progress, you could lose them. Full throttle on a stock contemporary watercraft equates to about 65 mph. Three minutes at full throttle without looking back at your wingman can equate to a mile (s) distance between you and him if your Wingman has had a mechanical and is dead in the water. Rule number 2: Always look back, frequently! Check his progress and don't leave him behind, slow down if necessary. If there is fog, decrease dispersion based on the thickness of the fog or marine layer so you can maintain visibility. So what if you break the rule and inadvertently lose your wingman while en route and can't find him. What do you do? Well, other than being relegated to the dishonorable PWC dungeon of the ultimate sin of leaving him behind, consider stopping and calling him with your lat and long. Always leave a voice mail if he does not pick up. He can then input the lat and long and proceed to your destination via his GPS. Rule #3: Always communicate! Leave voice mails / check voice mails and leave the time you are calling so the Wingman can track how he/she is progressing, inform one another if there is the potential of a developing emergency situation or if she has already arrived at the destination etc. Communicate.

You must be prepared, you must plan, you must have the safety gear, you must have the navigation gear, you must have reliable communications gear. If not, don't ride into the ocean. Ride hard and ride safe, have fun!

M. Gerner. Gerner is the founder of PWCOFFSHORE.com, a site that focuses on offshore and endurance PWC riding and racing

Thursday, November 20, 2008

More from Shawn on Northern Cal. Ocean PWC Ban by Shawn Alladio

My reference to due process was not the right to ride a PWC, but the process initiated for 'stakeholders' to have a voice in the process that was equitable and sustainable for future recreational access. The review process result was decided before the process had even begun, and the stakeholders whom attended the meetings, well there was no consensus that was agreed upon in the meetings. There was no tolerance of a PWC being able to access sanctuary waters outside of sensitive MPA zones. And PWC's should not have full access to sensitive zones, nor should any other activity. There was no loophole as stated, so that was given to the public as a 'reason'. There was not a 'single' scientific study conducted in these waters of question that applied to the issue itself. Outdated comments were applied from other waterways that were out of state or not the same environment. The nuclear waste issue, how come there is not a highly visible program project that we view the science and data on it? How can a 10 top threat PWC sit alongside a nuclear waste zone that surely has these 'scientific' studies and evals applied, but nothing for a PWC..that is not equitable in my opinion, and yes I am not a highly educated person, just asking questions that seem plausible to me. Recreational boating is a privilige, not a liberty.Tolerance is a strength of character and requires if not demands leadership qualities in any individual to best be able to have 'understanding'.In terms of anonymity. I put my name to my posts, my reputation and my business. An anonymous post is entertaining but carries no valor or credibility. Like many opponents of truth, these posts are making statements that are once again creating and lending to the myths people who are weak will adopt without asking the 'source'. Creating an 'enemy' is safe because one can project prejudice and feel safe that one is the saviour while the other is the devil. Not true. We are all in the same boat so to say. FACT: I teach lifesaving boating education courses. FACT these posters have not attended a class. FACT: We teach ecology and respect to marine life and have for years. FACT: Our education helps the same concerns that Surfrider and NOAA have. FACT: K38 and its affiliates are PARTNERS not adversaries with Surfrider and NOAA, however statements that are not truthful, yes I and my affiliates will point the FACTS straight. FACT: K38 has given 160 FREE scholarships to towsurfers and others on behalf of lifesaving and boating safety education in California specific to the towsurfing problem. FACT: K38 is a leader if not the source of trying to educate operators on the behavior, which is exactly what this whole ban is really about, not environmental or user conflict issues, of which we are also concerned about. FACT: If a business such as K38 is impacted whereas it is blocked from training/teaching/educating users no matter if they are recreational or occupational, from conducting business, the general safety of our waterways is diminished and yes, liability increases. Who assumes the liability? Anonymous perhaps? As far as making money, that is pretty funny, do you work so you can give your money away on behalf of others and live a life of sacfrice so others benefit from your dedication? LOL That is the 'have not's take from the haves' mentality that creates a very selfish vein of entitlement. K38 probably has done more for the surfing and boating community singlehandley by a middle aged mother and her children than all these anonymous posters, and if any of these 'anonymous' posters would like a free scholarship to see for yourself how evil our educational outreach programs are and the damage they incur to the safety of our public, write me at my private email addy: mhtml:%7B082E423F-6AB0-4AE7-A8C7-9B438E9485AF%7Dmid://00000040/!x-usc:mailto:K38rescue@aol.comI hope the only time I create a wake for you is when I'm coming out to rescue you and save your life or one of our trained students. So you can come home to your loved ones and enjoy your daily walks and encounters with sea otters in the lineup and enjoy surfing for what it truly is, a free gift of the ocean.And it is a shame that people are abusing boating safety, agreed. And it is a shame when you run a red light and get away with it, and it is a shame when there are so many surfers in the lineup that the crowds are creating negative vibes and the parking spaces are limited, its all a shame isn't it? But let's not go there, it's too close to home.It is also a shame that people such as yourself and Surfrider chapters do not volunteer to make a difference and educate those who truly need the help, such as PWC users. It does no good to throw stones without changing the impact of how that stone hits and whom. My invitation: Come to our classes or our association meetings, or to boating clubs and help get the message of accountability and educational needs to the source of contention. Forcing bans on recreational activities funnels problems, it doesn't cure them at all. Not being able to see the reason of fellowship and kindness is what is tearing America apart and allowing organizations to be used as pawns to create the same ridiculous mudslinging our elected officials adopt and we suffer for it. To change the perception, the behaviors and the human issues that are really the crux of this argument. That is what I am trying to do, both by educating the boating public, and other waterway users, at the end of the day we are all brothers and sisters, not enemies.Thank you for all your postings, I respect and value your opinions and time and I wish you all the best in your lives and livelihoods. Thank you for allowing me to participate. Much appreciated.Shawn AlladioK38 Water Safety
From the blogger - protect your right to ride PWC, join the AWA

For more information of PWC endurance and PWC Offshore Racing, go to www.pwcoffshore.com

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Shawn Alladio Speaks Out On Recent PWC Ban in Northern Cal Coast

This is not a victory, it is a sham(e). Will Surfrider address the nuclear dump zones in our Sanctuary waters? A convenient truth often ignored, instead Surfrider agrees that a PWC poses a greater threat than nuclear waste? What is the consensus and backroom deal on this one folks? This is something that should be demanded from your organization and its board of directors in good faith of water quality and safety. The founding fathers of Surfrider would never stand for this kind of organizational behavior. What happened to Surfrider?Surfrider has been duped into NOAA 'personalized' attack against a specific recreational activity that has absolutely nothing to do with management of sanctuary resources! PWC designs are well above strict federal environmental regulations, and NOAA and Surfrider are both aware of this. Surfrider didn't bother to look at both sides of the issue without prejudice and bias. There was never a loophole as stated. When biased statements like this are published and adopted from language given by NOAA, groups and citizens are condemned and judged and the weakness of American's not following through on their own volition for truth and accountability. Socialist countries behave in this manner, this is un American. We end up less than informed, a complete injustice to honor and integrity, and our children lose privileges and rights that will probably never be given back. Less government involvement in our lives leads to a better quality of life! Has the Surfrider membership learned nothing about bureaucracy? Citizen's taxes that would be better spent on making people's lives better, helping our infrastructure, and enhancing our enjoyment and stewardship of our Pacific Ocean and Mother Earth. Education, safety and enforcement policies already existed, we do not need another layer of government managing our lives for us!Too bad Surfrider didn't study current boating laws and regulations and support our taxpayers in good stewardship and honor in endorsing the boating officers of California who do care about public safety and recreation, regardless of the activity chosen. Laws existed that addressed the concerns of recreational behavior, NOAA never engaged in partnership with California boating organizations, they partnered instead with environmental groups who have no stakeholding in recreational boating. Take an honest look at surfing and it's impact. I follow a motion for surfing wax, neoprene, surfboard construction, footpaths and trespassing on private property, trash/litter, parking zones, traffic, aggressive abuse of surfers in the lineup, urination, and basically the negative aspects of human impact created by the surfing community to be addressed and evaluated in these same zones. Let's see who really creates more negative impact and accountability. Sounds uncomfortable doesn't it, but it could be a surfers worst nightmare, would Surfrider then support surfers or NOAA? Don't think it can't happen to you.It would be nice if Surfrider and NOAA would finally provide/'produce their scientific data that has never been presented to the 'stakeholders'. Those who participated in the 'stakeholder' process are all in agreement it was not a democratic and open process that enabled recreational activities to benefit, but to lose. All data given in good faith was catalogued and used against the stakeholders not just boaters, but all stakeholders. It would also be nice to see the financial report on how much this process from inception to date and into the future management of this review and enforcement will cost taxpayers? Where are those real numbers? How many millions of dollars have been spent from the beginning and in perpetuity to regulate a recreational boating activity, rather than focus on real world environmental concerns, instead of operator behavior of a vessel. And how many PWC's would this include versus surfers? Any Surfrider member with intelligence could simply look at the 10 ten threats to the Sanctuary resources and sensibility would say a Personal Watercraft definitely does not fit the category of a top 'threat'. Isn't Surfrider supposed to be concerned about the near shore water quality for surfers? What would that exact threat be?Perhaps it is time to lobby using the ATLAS study against paddle in surfing in sanctuary waters and elsewhere, you never know how much impact is damaging resources, perhaps we could solicit a scientific study from NOAA to research any probability. And Surfrider members could fund it in good faith.Claiming one precedent as a victory can affect many other users groups, we are not protected from the water grab that is taking the entire western coastline of the United States. I fear for the future of my children and their access rights to recreational pursuits, if this is a victory, I am ashamed of the weakness in America. A chronic dysfunction of our generation lies in not participating and holding our government accountable for the stewardship we entrusted in them on our behalf.Surfrider is just another pawn of those in power who will add such groups in favor or their goals as 'partners'. I do not see any recreational partners that are equal in stature and presence. "Stakeholders have been burned at the stake." Who will be the privileged surfers who are granted the right to towsurf at Mavericks? Since when did Surfrider and NOAA manage recreational surfing as part of their charter? This is a sad day in the State of California for surfers, state boating resources and other recreationalists. Will surfing itself be targeted next? Surfrider has good programs in effect, but Surfrider is given a grade 'F' for failure on this one folks.What a disgrace to justice and the right to due process, it is a direct violation of our Constitutional 3rd Amendment. This is not a victory, it is a shameless water grab using environmental concerns as an excuse.Shawn AlladioK38 Water Safetywww.TheLivesYouSave.com
__________________'The Life You Save May Be Your Own'http://www.K38WaterSafety.com


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April 5, 2009 - Dana Point to Avalon 37 Mile Sprint PWC Race

Gentlemen, Ladies, I regularly receive emails from people saying we need more than one offshore race per year. I agree! The latest email came from a good friend of mine that rides a red and white RXT ;-] I am working with a promoter (I AM NOT THE PROMOTER) to attempt to put on an offshore race from Dana Point Ca. to Catalina Island's Avalon called 'The Dana Point to Avalon Offshore Sprint" Dana Point Harbor: http://www.danapointharbor.com/Link to Dana Point (Orange County, Ca): http://www.danapoint.org/Map /Picture: http://maps.google.com/maps?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4SUNA_enUS277US277&q=dana+point+harbor&um=1&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&resnum=1&ct=titleLink to Catalina Island: http://www.catalina.com/main.htmlHere is what it will likely look like (all of this is subject to change):1. Sunday April 5 20092. Start at Dana Point at 8 am3. Sprint across the channel approx. 37 miles one way. 4. First one to Avalon wins. It is a one way race (craft can not make it there and back on one tank)5. The Race is over at Avalon. The racer goes into Avalon, refuels at the Avalon fuel dock. All racers shall have a "buddy" wingman for the RETURN ride back (not for the race out - the race to Avalon is a race), wingman will be another racer that you can meet up with after you get to Avalon (no compromises, you will stay with your buddy for the return trip back from Avalon - the return trip is not a race) - racer and his/her buddy will return together across the channel at a safe pace.6. Awards given at 1 pm7. Similar classes as the LB2CAT8. Cost: Approx. 225.00 to 250.00 (must cover permits, fees and insurance) 9. Should we have a minimum of 30 entries on race day, the overall race winner will be awarded his or her entry fee back after the race is completed.10. This will be an APBA sanctioned race. If we can get a solid commitment from 30 racers - a solid commitment - by January 15, 2009, then we should be able to have this race. If you are willing to commit to the race, please respond to this post or send an email to mhtml:%7B082E423F-6AB0-4AE7-A8C7-9B438E9485AF%7Dmid://00000021/!x-usc:mailto:pwc@pwcoffshore.com and state your intent to do the race. Do not commit unless you are 99.99% committed to do so. It is a lot of work to get these races organized and insured, please don't commit unless you're going to be there. All of the above is subject to change. Again, I am not the promoter however I am working with a promoter as a racer rep to make this happen. Lets grow the offshore niche!

As of 11/16/2008 - Committed / Entry List: 1. Mark G Kawi ULTRA250X 2. John Smith SeaDoo RXT 3. John Belton Kawi ULTRA250X4. Dave "Pirate" Tew Polaris Matrix5. Robert Carreon Kawi ULTRA250X6. Pat Roque SeaDoo RXP7. Craig Warner Kawi ULTRA250X8. Ralph Perez Kawi ULTRA250X9. Sean Conner SeaDoo RXT 10. Jim Walker DeaDoo RXP __________________

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2009 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Mile PWC Race Poster

Entry forms for the Feb, 2009 Mark Hahn 300 Mile Endurance PWC Race Available on http://www.pwcoffshore.com/

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Jeremy Hoyland, Search Continues (From IJSBA)

From the IJSBA:
Jeremy Hoyland Update- Searching is Continued
October 28, 2008
This is the flyer being distributed to the fisherman and the oceanic villages in the efforts to find Jeremy. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who you think may be of help.

This update comes on October 28, 1:30 PM local time in Bali. After numerous meetings and interviews with police and other officials, the authorities have agreed that there is good cause to continue the searching for missing official, Jeremy Hoyland.
Interviews with the technical officials of the Jet Ski portion of the Asia Beach Games led the authorities to conclude that the circumstances under which Jeremy went missing along with Jeremy’s ability to survive against the odds were substantial factors in extending the search efforts.
The PWC community would like to specifically thank the Bali Police especially the Chief of Police, the IJSBA, Fully Aswar, the Chief of the Navy, the Search and Rescue division of the Navy, the battleship commanders who allocated their time, the helicopter force and the private helicopter entities that joined, the capital of Jakarta for sending resources, the Army, Shawn Alladio and the extended K 38 Staff, and all of the private persons such as the local fishing community.
We appreciate that you are all doing everything possible to find our friend. We also would like to extend our appreciation to all of the friends and supporters that have offered their support, well wishes and resources towards this search effort.
As of today, oceanic searches are continuing and extensive land searches are now launching. The IJSBA remains hopeful and we will update all of you with any information when it becomes available. We appreciate that all of you have kept the focus on supporting Jeremy and the search efforts.
Lets keep Jeremy and his family in our thoughts and prayers.