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Pictured above is Ross Wallach of RPM Racing Enterprises giving instruction to the racers.

The Triple Crown of Offshore was a collaboration between race promoter RPM Racing Enterprises, K38 Water Safety, and the APBA. The Triple Crown of Offshore Race Series consists of three races:  The 37 mile Dana Point to Avalon Offshore Sprint Race in April, The historic 58 mile Long Beach to Catalina and Back APBA Offshore National Championship Race (AKA the LB2CAT) in July, and the 50 mile Dana Point to Oceanside and Back Offshore Race in November. A points system was created to determine Triple Crown series race winners by class and an over Triple Crown Winner. 2009 also saw the creation of new race classes; The Military Class which is available to all current and former members of the US Military, the Manufacturers Stock Class that is for 100% stock craft only and The Challenged Athlete Class.

Individual Race Winners:
Individual race winners were Lee Phan of Southern California who won the Dana Point to Avalon Race racing his SeaDoo RXT, Monster Factory Kawasaki sponsored racer Craig Warner won the 2009 LB2CAT Offshore National Championship Race for the second consecutive year racing his Kawasaki ULTRA260X, and Pat Roque of Huntington Beach, Ca won the Dana Point to Oceanside and Back Race on his SeaDoo RXP.
(Mike Arnold Pictured Below - Triple Crown Military Class Winner)

2009 Triple Crown of Offshore Race Winners: founder Mark Gerner was the overall 2009 Triple Crown Winner racing his heavily modified Kawasaki ULTRA250X.  Gerner's win further solidified Kawasaki’s dominance of offshore racing. Mark attributed the success to “two great technicians in Cress and Friebe working on the craft, many years of offshore experience, an aggressive training regime and great love for the sport.” Paul Pham won the PROAM Class on his SeaDoo RXT, Iron Man Triathlete Kim Bushong won the Veteran Master Class Racing his Kawasaki ULTRA250X, Ralph Perez won the Amateur Open Class, Mike Arnold of the US Marine Corps won the Military Class, Shawn Alladio won the Manufacturer’s Stock Class, Warren Frank won the Challenged Athlete Class and Tommy Kolleck won the Sportsman Class.

Mark Gerner of Racing (pictured above) was voted the Offshore Racer Of The Year by his peers, while Sean Conner of GUNZ Racing was voted the New Offshore Racer Of The Year. Quakysense wetsuits was voted the best vendor supporter of offshore racing for 2009 and was recognized by the racers during the awards banquet for their support of Offshore PWC / Jet Ski Racing.

Ahmed Hamade and Brian Largentina were both given special recognition for giving up their respective Oceanside Races to support a downed racer that was sinking after a mechanical. Their selflessness earned them great respect from their fellow racers.

Special recognition is in order for Warren Frank, Ryan Levinson and Dave Fekete who were the first "challenged athlete" class to ever compete in the LB2CAT. 

The 2009 LB2CAT, the second race of the Triple Crown was filmed and a DVD was produced yet again this year. The 2009 LB2AT DVD race coverage is available via

The Triple Crown of Offshore PWC / Jet Ski Racing is scheduled to kick off again at Dana Point, Ca in march of 2010, don’t miss out! Come on out and participate. Yes, you! For more information regarding the Triple Crown of Offshore, visit the premiere site for the PWC / Jet Ski offshore racer, rider and enthusiast!

Picture to the above and right is of Pat Roque who won the Dana Point to Oceanside and back race.
Top 21 positions earned numbers for the 2010 series

Place Racer Name Points

1. Mark Gerner 1068

2. Paul Pham 1064

3. Kim Bushong 1064

4. Shawn Alladio 980

5. Pat Roque 780

6. John Belton 696

7. Robert Carreon 696

8. Ralph Perez 688

9. Sean Conner 680

10. Jim Walker 664

11. Warren Frank 644

12. Mike Arnold 608

13. Ryan Levinson 586

14. Craig Warner 400

15. Lee Phan 400

16. Chris Heinrich 368

17. Dave Szych 352

18. Tyler White 348

19. Tom Phan 348

20. Ian Settlemire 344

21. Taylor Curtis 344

Kim  Bushong Pictured below

Mark Gerner Pictured Below at the 2009 LB2CAT

The start of the 2009 LB2CAT Race pictured below

TAD Racing at the 2009 LB2CAT below

Ryan Levinson pictured below at the 2009 Dana Point to Oceanside and Back Race

Start of the 2009 LB2CAT / Still behind the Queen's Gate Break Wall 

Below, Ms Shawn Alladio of Sponsored Racing - 2009 Dana Point to Oceanside and back Offshore Race

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