Friday, October 8, 2010

The Team Behind The Teamwork of Offshore

Russell Libby Pitting for Fellow Racer at 2010 Mark Hahn 
Dave "Pirate" Tew 

Dave "Pirate" Tew and Russell Libby 

Recognition in racing usually revolves around the racers who are on the course racing and that individual racer’s performance on the racecourse. I race and therefore understand how one can become self absorbed and myopic about performance on race day. The intensity, adrenalin and focus of highly competitive athletes on pre-race and race day can result in a loss of understanding or memory of who was there to support the cause or support you on that day. There are two that show up with the reliability of the sunrise to support racers and play a major role in the success of many of their fellow racers.  We remember.... 

Russell Libby
I could mention many people that I’ve seen support other racers over the years, but there are two that I can confidently state consistently go above and beyond all expectations and deserve all the recognition the offshore racing community can offer them. They are Dave “Pirate” Tew and former United States Marine Russell Libby.  Now keep in mind that both of these individuals are very capable offshore racers and riders and have competed in and done very well in the annual Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race. These are two accomplished offshore riders in their own right. But what makes these two gentlemen unique is that even when they don’t race, they are THERE on race day lending a hand to any and everyone that needs it. They are on the racecourse running safety, providing tows to broken craft, being a Pit Crew, providing friendly encouragement to a racer prior to stepping off, or a pat on the back if the racer breaks. They are THERE to pull trailers, program GPS navigation units, transport watercraft, help launch a craft, pull a craft out of the water or support a fellow member of their Club. At the recent Dana Point to Oceanside and Back Offshore Triple Crown Race, guess who was there doing all of the above? Pirate and Russell. These two men are leaders. Team players, integrity, truly giving, reliable - this is Russell Libby and Dave “Pirate” Tew.

On behalf of the Offshore Racing Community, we thank and honor both of them.

Russell Libby

Russell Libby 2010 Mark Hahn Race