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The 2016 Mark Hahn 300 Memorial Race By Yamaha and Hot Products - French Team Pastorello Wins!

Pastorello / France Wins!
2016 Mark Hahn Race Memorial Race

Team Bruno Pastorello/Botti take top honors and his 5th Championship at the 2016 Mark Hahn Memorial Race on the Kawasaki ULTRA 310 Platform and Kawasaki sweeps the podium with 1, 2 and 3. Team Pastorello now has the most championships of any team to participate in The Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race making the French team the team to beat at the Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race.

The Mark Hahn Memorial Race was founded by Mike Follmer when friend and fellow endurance racer Mark Hahn passed away during a PWC Race.  Mark Hahn's vision of a 300 mile race was brought to fruition by Follmer subsequent to Hahn's passing and has become the world's most prestigious and sought after endurance race.  Also unique about this race is the team component requiring a Pit Crew to work with the racers on the course.  Some of the Pro-Open racers utilize Nascar like quick fill fueling systems that can fuel and turn around a craft in less than one minute.      

The best endurance racers in the world converged on Lake Havasu City AZ USA to test their skills against the who's who in endurance racing.  Pastorello, Botti, Bushell, Gerner, Heidler, Klippenstein, and many others were there in force in pursuit of the championship.  There was no shortage of talent from the women on the course with Emi Kanamori, Tera Laho and Shawm Alladio on the race course.  The shotgun blast at 10 am sent the racers sprinting to the line as the race craft roared to life for an exciting grand prix start.  Very flat water conditions resulted in amazing speeds during the initial stages of the race as the Pro-Open craft pushed the envelope in the flat conditions.  This year many racers opted for the Yamaha over the Kawasaki because of the flat water conditions. USA Team Mark Gerner of team Gerner / Heidler would be first to enter the chicane on lap one, a result of speeds approaching 90 mph on their wicked fast Paddock built Yamaha SVHO.
Mark Gerner (58) of Gerner / Heidler and Russian Yury Ryabro  Ente Sypvain battle for 1st - lap 1 - photo (C) David Pu'u.
Close second entering into the chicane was Russian racer Yury Ryabro followed by the Spanish Team SeaWolf followed by Mike Klippenstein of Canada on his R and D built Yamaha SVHO.  These four racers all racing Yamahas would exchange the lead over the first twelve laps of the race but the flat water conditions and wide open throttle running was too much for these pro open built rockets.  All of these four craft would have mechanical issues either taking them out of the race or out of contention.
Mike Klippenstein 
The fastest craft does not always win in endurance racing, Team Pastorello's consistent and competitive lap times and effective pitting put them into the lead where they would stay and take the championship on the Kawasaki ULTRA 310R.  

The Spanish Team Seawolf that traveled in from Spain to participate in the Hahn ran a very solid race and was part of the lead pack of Yamahas for some time during the initial stages of the race and appeared to be the last of the built out and exceptionally fast Yamahas to have the lead. This Spanish team put in a very solid and professional performance having the lead for a number of laps but would ultimately have an unfortunate mechanical taking them out of the race with a DNF.  
Team SeaWolf Spain 
Kawasaki has now dominated this race taking the checkered flag the last eight straight years of the Mark Hahn Memorial Race.  This year the Yamahas were clearly significantly faster and dominated the overall speed category, so much so that in the initial stages of the race it looked like two races, one for the built out rocket fast Yamahas and one for the Kawasaki.  But Kawasaki would rule the day in endurance; the name of the game in a 300 mile race. Surprisingly there was only one Seadoo on the race course that was run by James Bushell of the UK.  Racers vote with their wallets and clearly Yamaha and Kawasaki are winning in endurance racing.

The PWCOFFSHORE.COM sponsored Best Pit Crew award went to Team Klippenstein of Canada for effectively pitting multiple craft throughout the race.  Exceptional gear, a dedicated team and consistency set his crew apart from the field and was awarded #1 Crew of the day.

The Vet Master class was won by the Kawasaki piloted by Filipe Filipe / Carlos Truta of Portugal. The standup open class wnet to Kawasaki piloted by Kody Kopenhaver / Aaron Gewecke Arizona, USA. 4- Stroke Stock Class went to KAW Sara Smith / Jon Ford Texas, USA. Manufacturers Stock went to the Yamaha Team Baldwin/klippenstein of Canada.  Aqsa Aswar won the runabout Ironman for the most laps run by a single racer.  Chad Zieman won the standup Ironman.  Race Director Ross Wallach said "The 12th annual Hot Products Memorial-Havasu 300 presented by Yamaha was another successful race.  Congratulations to all participants from all of the countries represented.  A special congratulations to Jean Bruno Pastorello and John Baptise Botti on their 5th overall win.  I'm looking forward to the 13th annual Mark Hahn Memorial Race!"

A special treat this year was world renowned photographer David Pu'u shooting this race in support of The  Never Quit Challenge, capturing amazing photographs throughout the race and the spirit of the racers and Pit Crews.
The Never Quit Challenge is an annual event founded by Ms Shawn Alladio of K38 Safety that supports US military warriors and veterans via epic PWC/JetSki adventures across the United States.  In 2013 this crew went from the southern tip of Florida to New York City on PWC's/JetSkis in a week to honor and in remembrance of 9-11 and Morrow Bay to San Diego in 2014.  The team had multiple craft on the course that would all finish the race.
Volunteers from the Lake Havasu area that did not know the Never Quit Challenge veteran participants would show up on race morning and volunteer to provide Pit Crew support of the Veterans, a testament to the patriotic nature of the local Arizona area.
The Never Quit Challenge Pit Crew of volunteers would be humming all race with four Kawasaki JetSkis coming in and out of the Pits earning the team 2nd place Pit Crew honors.  Former World Champion Amy Green was a dedicated member of their crew supporting the cause.  Never Quit Challenge Founder Shawn Alladio and Tera Laho completed the race with 3rd place overall in the manufacture stock class on the Kawasaki ULTRA 310.    

Doug aka "Pappa Dawg" and Tyler White of TAD Racing Texas would put in an impressive 10th overall performance on the Kawasaki ULTRA 310R.  The long time father-son team from Texas who makes no apologies for being "Texas Proud" as they hammered out a top ten finish without a ride plate for the last 12 laps of the race after the ride plate inexplicably broke off the craft.  Their completion of the race was impressive to say the least.  Doug and Tyler White would be supported in their Crew by friends from as far as Florida to Sean Conner of Reno, Nevada (Former PWCOFFSHORE Racer) and the PWCOFFSHORE.COM Pit Crew.      

The PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing Pit Crew remained extremely professional and impressive again this year with pit time of less than a minute.  Testament to former USMC Gunnery Sergeant and current Pit Leader Mike Arnold and the entire Pit Crew Team's focus and fastidious preparation the team engages in prior to every race.  No joy for the team as Gerner / Heidler would suffer a mechanical issue during the race and DNF on their built Yamaha SVHO.  
PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing Pit Crew in Action at 2016 Mark Hahn Race 
Rod Mullinax was awarded the PWCOFFSHORE.COM Race Team internal MVP Award, an award the team does every year by a peer vote to honor the person that goes above and beyond to achieve excellence in their Pit Crew.
Mike Follmer would put on yet another amazing awards ceremony with great awards and recognition, no expense was spared in the quality of awards again this year.  Congratulations once again to all!  To just finish this race is a tribute to man and machine and the technicians who work tirelessly to build craft that survive.  Racers are all ready looking forward to and preparing for 2017!    

Photo by David Pu'u - above - Mark Gerner approaches speed of 90 mph during initial stages of race
Above, Ms Shawn Alladio in action, Photo by David Pu'u
Above Team Doug and Tyler White TAD Racing Texas
Above Mike Arnold

Above, Shawn Alladio, Aaron Cress and Mike Arnold

Below - Team Klippenstein Canada

Above, best Pit Crew Award

Mark Gerner Photo (C) David Pu'u 
Aaron Cress 

Team Pastorello-2016 Mark Hahn Race

Team Pastorello - 2016 Mark Hahn Race Champion

Team Pastorello wins the 2016 Mark Hahn Race  

Results by Class
2016 Hot Products Mark Hahn Memorial Havasu 300
Presented by Yamaha


Vet Masters Open
Overall Number Brand Name City, Country
1 p12 KAW Filipe Filipe / Carlos Truta Portugal
2 99 YAM Paul Pham / Cassius Sanders USA
3 30 YAM Santiago Kuan Jr / Fadi Sacre California, USA
4 68 YAM Omar Leon / Alberto Rodriguez California, USA
5 760 YAM Roger Amaya Arizona, USA
6 55 YAM Gerry Wong / Charles Anderson Canada
7 303 YAM Ken Bond / Mark Conroy Arizona, USA
8 212 YAM Mike Klippenstein & Denis Belikov
9 34 KAW Tom Cruze / Emi Kanamori Louisiana, USA
DNS 412 KAW Jim Ferren / Jason Gigliotti Arizona, USA
Stand Up Open
Overall Number Brand Name City,State
1 83 KAW Kody Kopenhaver / Aaron Gewecke Arizona, USA
2 64 YAM Chad Zeman Arizona, USA
4 57 PW Christopher Steenbock / Trisha Juarez/Jeremiah Marino Arizona, USA
5 18 YAM Pete Yauri California, USA
6 5x YAM Jackson Rod Arizona, USA
DNS 71 KAW Jesse Dirnberger / Kris Platow New Mexico, USA
DSQ 414 KAW Will Dam Arizona, USA
Pro/Am 4 Stroke Open
Overall Number Brand Name City,State
1 8 KAW Jean Bruno Pastorello / Botti France
2 p12 KAW Filipe Filipe / Carlos Truta Portugal
3 17 YAM Aqsa Aswar California, USA
4 88x YAM Lee Phan & Tony Hoa California, USA
5 19 YAM Aero Aswar California, USA
6 5 YAM Ryabro Yury & Ente Sypvain
7 118 YAM David Arellano / Enrique Garcia Spain
8 40 YAM Abdullah Alfadhel / Ahmed Aldawas Kuwait
9 212 YAM Mike Klippenstein & Denis Belikov
10 DNF 58 yam KC Heidler / Mark Gerner California, USA
11 158 SEA James Bushell & Less Cook
DNS 390 YAM Brandon Amaya / Abraham Amaya Arizona, USA
4 Stroke Stock
Overall Number Brand Name City,State
1 115 KAW Sara Smith / Jon Ford Texas, USA
2 17 YAM Aqsa A. Aswar California, USA
3 19 YAM Aero A. Aswar California, USA
4 352 KAW Tyler White / Doug White Texas, USA
5 24 KAW Josh Glendenning / Jon Phan Arizona, USA
6 68 YAM Omar Leon / Alberto Rodriguez California, USA
7 88 KAW Merle Des Isles Jidici / Hugo Pastorello France
8 158 SEA James Bushell & Less Cook
9 399 YAM Christine Bond / Keeley Bond Arizona, USA
Manufacturers Stock
Overall Number Brand Name City,State
1 212x YAM Brian/mike Baldwin/klippenstein
2 80 YAM Kelly Church / Antonia Claros Bolivia
3 27 KAW Tera Laho / Shawn Alladio USA
4 27x KAW Michael Perry / Greg Stuart California, USA
5 411 YAM Cheng Leu / Jacob Leu California, USA
6 37 YAM Tony Beck & Chris Fiscetii Arizona, USA
7 40 YAM Abdullah Alfadhel / Ahmed Aldawas Kuwait
DSQ 115 KAW Sara Smith / Jon Ford Texas, USA
4 Stroke N/A Open
Overall Number Brand Name City,State
1 22 YAM Renee Hill / Tyler Hill California, USA
2 188 YAM Brian Smith / Steve Goldberg Texas, USA
3 65 KAW Kyle Butcher
4 45 KAW Kyle Hidelbrand / Jeremy Brown
5 69 KAW Joe Marshal
6 626 KAW Michael Retzer & Johnny Walker

1000 pictures downloaded of the 2016 Mark Hahn Race here and here