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April 5 - Dana Point to Avalon Offshore PWC (Jet Ski) Race

From: R.P.M Racing Enterprises
To: APBA Dana Point to Avalon Offshore Sprint PWC Racers
March 22, 2009

We are looking forward to a great, safe race on April 5, 2009. Please read this word for word, you are responsible for ensuring that you are informed of race process and timelines on race morning. Special note: This race is over at Avalon, you are responsible for the manner in which you return to Dana Point from Avalon.

Key addresses:
Dana Point Launch Ramp: [24961-24981] Dana Point Harbor Dr., Dana Point, Ca 92629. Note that there is a "SeaDoo Rental" sign at the entry/turn point to Dana Point Launch Ramp.
Tech Inspection on Saturday: 34671 Puerto Pl, Dana Point, CA 92629, (949) 661-4947
Awards Ceremony: 12 pm at the Wind and Sea Restaurant located right across the parking lot from the wash ramp at the marina. http://www.windandsearestaurants.com/windandsea/home.htm Specifically, located on the waterfront in Dana Point Harbor. Address for the awards ceremony: 34699 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, California 92629. Phone: (949) 496-6500
General Directions to the Launch Ramp (Mapquest):


Saturday April 4 Tech Check:
11:00 a.m to 6:00 pm: Tech check at Dana Point Jet Ski - 34671 Puerto Pl, Dana Point, CA 92629, (949) 661-4947
Sunday April 5 (please be on time):
5:45 am Emergency Tech Inspection (must be approved with Ross prior to race day)
6:30 am Mandatory Racer's Meeting at Dana Point Launch Ramp
7:00 am Launch craft
7:55 am Racers staged outside of break wall.
8:00 am Flag drops and race is on (signaled from official boat).
12:00 pm Awards ceremony at Wind and Sea Restaurant Banquet Room / on second floor of the restaurant
Please Note: 5 MPH to the outside break wall to and from the launch facility. This means 'no wake'. You must abide by all California boating laws and observe for other vessel traffic while conducting your transit.

Logistics information:
Dana Point Harbor / launch ramp: [24961-24981] Dana Point Harbor Dr., Dana Point, Ca 92629 Dana Point Marina Link: http://www.danapointharbor.com/
Link to Catalina Island:
Dana Point Hotel within walking Distance to the launch Ramp: http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/ex/1/en/hotel-directory/california/dana-point (Consider leaving your truck and trailer at the Marina, small parking lot at this hotel).
Awards ceremony is located at the Wind and Sea Restaurant: Dana Point Harbor. 34699 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, California 92629 (949) 496-6500 - this is right across the parking lot from the launch ramp
Detailed Timeline For Race Weekend:

Tech Check Saturday April 4, 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday afternoon at Dana Point Jet Ski
Please ensure you bring all of your required race day items for tech inspection.
Race Day - Sunday April 5, 2009
Mandatory Racers Meeting at 6:30 am - 7 am - please do not be late (coordinate with Ross Wallach if you can not make this time, please coordinate with Ross prior to April 4).
Launch craft at 7 am, in the water by 7:40 am.
5 mph no wake zone until you get out of the marina, leave the harbor mouth jaws.
All race craft migrate to the red buoy outside the marina - look for 'start boat'.
Upon Ross’ signal, please get on line at least 5 yards apart from each craft.
7:55 am Look for Ross Wallach on start boat with Green flag. Rolling Start, Go when Green flag drops. Note that you will be to the left of the red buoy.
If you depart before the green flag drops, you will be penalized.
Green flag drops at 8 am, Rolling start right outside the break wall.
Should you see a Red flag (from official boat), stop as there has been a false start and safely return.
Do your best to stay in your lane at the start of the race. No wedging!
The start of the race is a straight line start, there are no buoys to go around, it is a straight line shot to Avalon.
Sprint across the channel approx. 37 miles one way.
First racer to the finish boat South of Avalon Harbor wins.
The finish line is a boat that will be at the lat and long below. Make sure the finish boat sees your number when you get to the finish boat. The finish boat is South of the harbor.
We will do all we can to ensure that the finish boat will be right at the designated lat and long i.e. we will tell the driver to ensure they do not allow the current to take them off the mark.
We will also do our best to place something on the craft that differentiates it and ensures it is easily recognizable. This will be explained at the riders meeting.
This race is a one way race (PWC can not make it there and back on one tank of fuel)
The race is over outside Avalon Harbor. The racer goes into Avalon Harbor proper and refuels at the Avalon fuel dock. Please honor the 5 mph no wake zone at the Avalon Harbor / Marina. You are responsible for how you get back to Dana Point.
The fuel station is right in front of the casino, once you go into the harbor, go to your right.
Don't forget to bring cash or credit card to pay for your fuel.
It is highly recommended that all racers have a "buddy" wingman for the RETURN ride back (not for the race out - the race to Avalon is the race).
It is recommended that your "wingman" (another racer) is designated prior to the start of the race and prior to your launch / you choose your wingman.
It is recommended that your wingman is another racer that you can meet up with after you get to Avalon.
It is recommended that you stay with your wingman for the return trip back from Avalon - the return trip is not a race. It is recommended that the racer and his/her buddy will return together across the channel at a safe pace and arrive at Dana Point together.
Awards will be given at 12 pm at Dana Point at the Wind and Sea Restaurant Banquet Room - WIND & SEA RESTAURANT - located on the waterfront in Dana Point Harbor. The address is 34699 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, California 92629. (949) 496-6500. The restaurant is right across the parking lot approximately 75 meters away from the wash racks. When you walk in the front door, look for the stairs on the left and go up to the second floor. Friends and family welcome! NO HOST Bar and No Host food i.e. separate checks / you pay as you go. Please do your best to attend, this is a great opportunity for all of us to have fun, network, celebrate etc.
Should you decide that you want to stay at Avalon after the race, you must inform Ross Wallach prior to the start of the race so that you can be accounted for.
Logistics and coordination:

Safety will be paramount at this race!
Tech inspection on April 4, Saturday afternoon at the Dana Point Jet Ski.
(Emergency tech inspection on Sunday morning at the launch ramp at 5:45 am - must be pre-approved with RPM Racing Enterprises Ross Wallach prior to race day - this time is for emergencies only)
Race Start time is 8 am. All watercraft should be launched no later than 7:30 am.
Stay at less than 5 mph behind the break wall
Racers will group outside the break wall and look for the start boat
Green flag start, rolling straight shot to Avalon at 8 am
Once you arrive at Avalon, your time will be recorded by a craft that will be approximately 1/4 mile off the coast and due South of Avalon Harbor.
The lat and long below will be where the craft is located with the checker flag.
After you cross the line, your number is recorded, proceed North to the fuel dock and refuel (refueling will only be done at the Avalon fuel station).
Stay away from all incoming racers still racing.
The race is over at Avalon and you are responsible for your safe return.
It is recommended that you wait for your buddy, when your buddy arrives and is refueled, proceed back to Dana Point with your wingman. It is recommended that you not leave your wingman.
We recommend that you are back at Dana Point and check in with Ross Wallach by 12 pm (unless you have informed Ross that you will be staying at Avalon).
Minimum 8 inch numbers required on your craft (no duct tape), they must be legible
Program these numbers into your cell phone that will be with you on your craft:
(310) 318-4012: Ross Wallach, APBA Promoter of the race
(310) 521-3815 Los Angeles - US Coast Guard Search and Rescue Emergency Line Only, this is for emergencies only/Emergencies only
(1800) 4seatow: SeaTow
Communication: Please keep Ross Wallach completely informed of your race status on race day.
Should you have any issues, please ensure you call him. If you get his voice mail, please speak slowly and clearly with issues you are encountering and your exact status. When in doubt, communicate.
Cost: 225.00 (Sportsman Class/first time offshore racers have a reduced rate of 100.00).
Payout: Should we have a minimum of 30 racers show up on race day, the overall race winner will be awarded his or her entry fee back after the race is completed.
Fog/Marine layer: If there is significant fog at 8 am, there will be a delay until the fog burns off. This is for safety reasons. Be patient if there is fog.
Please file a float plan prior to leaving with a trusted family member of friend in case of emergency, with directions of where your vehicle keys are stowed and a copy of your vessel identification
Avalon Race Finish Line/Point, Lat and Long:

Dana Point Lat and Long for Return Trip:
Mandatory Items you must have with you for the race across the channel:

Safety will be paramount at this race!
We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you have a current Vessel Assist or Sea Tow membership
Marine Radio fully charged (preferably attached to your Lifejacket)
Fully charged Cell Phone
Flare gun/flares or handheld flares
Water and food
First Aid Kit
Tow rope with spring hooks / no less than 12 feet long, strength rated for 1,200 lb. tow capability
Signal Mirror
Plastic Tie ties
Extra hose clamps
Duct Tape
Exposure Jacket
Extra Lanyard
Water Whistle attached to Lifejacket
Fire Extinguisher in your craft (the stock one is fine)
Extra water and food
Copy of your personal ID and vessel registration
You must wear:
Full length wetsuit
DOT approved helmet (Motocross like helmet)
Riding shoes
Coast Guard approved Life Jacket
Eye protection
Dana Point launch: http://www.danapointharbor.com/
10.00 per craft to launch
They have multiple fresh water wash racks on site, bring water hose
There are multiple restaurants on site
Dana Point Jet Ski is right across the harbor / Aaron Cress PWC Mechanic
Dana Point Jet Ski address: [24961-24981] Dana Point Harbor Dr., Dana Point, Ca 92629
This is a clean, nice launch ramp. We need to keep it that way and represent the offshore racing community with class.
Please do not spill any fuel and clean up after yourself. We want to be welcomed back.
Q&A:Q. Why is the race one way and not a round trip?
A. Because most craft can not make the round trip to Avalon and back on one tank of fuel. Also, many of the craft out there will require race fuel and there is no race fuel on Catalina Island, only 91 octane. Those race craft requiring race fuel will only have access to 91 octane on Avalon therefore they will have to run higher octane race gas for the mix in fuel that will take place for the return leg. Race fuel craft should not be run at full throttle for the return leg.

Q. Can we hang out on Catalina between legs?
A. You must inform Ross prior to the race if you intend to stay at Avalon

Q. Why isn't the race to Isthmus Harbor?
A. There is no 91 Octane fuel at the Isthmus harbor and there are many issues around coordinating with the Catalina Cruiser for access for the fueling station.

Q. Is this an APBA Sanctioned Event?
A. Yes

Avalon Finish Line/Point, Lat and Long:

We look forward to a great race!
Ross Wallach
R.P.M. Racing Enterprises
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

RPM Racing Enterprises Announces The APBA Dana Point to Avalon Offshore PWC Race


March 8, 2009

R.P.M. Racing Enterprises Announces the APBA Dana Point to Avalon Offshore Sprint Race!

R.P.M. Racing Enterprises of Redondo Beach, Ca. announces the APBA Dana Point, Ca. to Avalon Offshore Sprint Race! Offshore PWC/Jet Ski Racers from around the United States have already lined up to convene at The Dana Point Marina on Sunday April 5, 2009 at 8 am to take on the new Dana Point to Avalon challenge for man/woman and machine. The race is an APBA sanctioned event and will include Profession, Amateur and Veteran class racers who will take on the 37 mile, wide open throttle offshore sprint across the channel to Catalina Island on their PWCs. Gerner, founder of PWCOFFSHORE.com said that he is "pleased to see yet another great APBA sanctioned offshore endurance event in Southern California, its exciting to see the offshore PWC racing arena growing and attracting new offshore enthusiasts that are willing to challenge the elements in the open ocean with their watercraft. It takes a special breed of endurance athlete to win this type of race." Gerner went on to say that "it doesn't get any better for the offshore PWC racer than holding the throttle wide open in the open ocean, hammering through the rough water with fellow offshore enthusiasts." Ross Wallach, the promoter of the race and owner of R.P.M. Racing Enterprises stated that he believes this event has all the makings of a great endurance race that is really geared not just to the hardcore racers but any PWC enthusiast. Wallach went on to say "R.P.M. is proud to be a part of this event and we think races like this will be a catalyst to help revitalize the sport of offshore endurance racing!"

Kevin Shaw of Personal Watercraft Illustrated Magazine ("PWI") stated that "We’re all very excited to see yet another offshore venue grace the Southern California coast. The Dana Point to Avalon Sprint has all the makings of becoming yet another “halo” event, on par with the challenging Long Beach to Catalina and Back (LB2CAT) event (also presented by Ross Wallach and RPM Enterprises) and the sport’s longest endurance event, the Mark Hahn Memorial 300. We want to welcome participants from across the nation to come and test their mettle against the elements, the open ocean, and some of the country’s most dedicated offshore competitors. We’ll see you there!"

“When WaterCraft World heard about the Dana Point to Avalon Offshore Sprint Race coming to Southern California in early April, we were pleased to have another offshore race in the mix. There has been quite a resurgence in the sport as of late, and this event should entice others to try the ocean-style offshore competition. It’s definitely not for the timid, but there’s really nothing like racing across the mighty Pacific Ocean.”-Jason Johnson, Editor WaterCraft World magazine

For more information about the race and to gain access to the entry form, go
to http://www.pwcoffshore.com/Dana_Point_2_Avalon_Race.html

Friday, March 6, 2009

PWCOFFSHORE.com Racing Takes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th Overall and The Ironwoman At The 2009 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Mile Race

For Immediate Release:

March 6, 2009

2009 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Mile Race

PWCOFFSHORE Racing Takes 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Overall & the Ironwoman at the 2009 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Mile PWC Endurance Race.

Race Date: February 28, 2009

The annual Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Mile APBA Sanctioned PWC Race was held in Lake Havasu City, Az. on March 28, 2009. The race is run every year in memory of fallen PWC endurance racer Mark Hahn who passed during a race in 2004.

54 teams and the biggest names in both PWC endurance and offshore racing from Europe and the United States convened to take on the grueling 300 mile PWC race. The Mark Hahn can be run as a two racer team or as an Ironman or Ironwoman (solo racer). This race is unique due to the personal endurance, strategy and a well oiled pit crew required to be successful. Although the previous week's weather was mild resulting in 78 degree temperatures and flat water, racers awoke on the morning of the 28th to 32 mile per hour winds and rough conditions. Racers reported three and four foot wave conditions on the race course resulting in a true test for physical fitness and machine.

Over six hours later, there was an exciting finish with Team Robert Carreon and Mark Gerner of PWCOFFSHORE.com Racing on their Green Kawasaki ULTRA 250X taking the lead by passing fellow PWCOFFSHORE Racer Paul Pham's and former APBA Offshore National Champion Pat Roque on their SeaDoo RXT to win the race.

Roque and Pham were given the award for top SeaDoo to cross the line for their 2nd place overall finish. "The race was a test of mechanical and physical endurance" said Robert Carreon, "The Kawi ran consistently through the first half of the race, then as the race progressed and the wind conditions subsided somewhat, the Kawi really stepped up and started to fly." Mark Gerner said "we brought two boats with us, Robert’s ULTRA 250X for rough water and a Steve Friebe-enhanced, exceptionally fast SeaDoo RXT for flat water. "We made the decision to go with the Kawi ULTRA 250X when we got up in the morning to find the wind blowing at more than 30 mph, it definitely turned out to be the right decision."

Gerner went on to say that "I have to take my hat off to the ULTRA 250X, The race was very rough—it really demonstrated that that boat is the one for rough water." Both Gerner and Carreon were passionate about recognizing their pit crew. "our entire pit crew, led by Aaron Cress, played a major role in the win - also thank you to The Southern California Watercraft Club for stepping up in the pits.”

Gerner took the lead on the final 10-mile lap passing the team of Paul Pham and Pat Roque, who finished second aboard their extremely fast Sea-Doo RXT. "The sea sate favored the offshore racer" said Carreon, "four of the top five spots were won by offshore racers."

Gerner, founder of PWCOFFSHORE.com echoed Robert's sentiments and was pleased to see four of the top five spots go to PWCOFFSHORE. "I'm very proud of the determination demonstrated by this team" said Gerner. Gerner was exceptionally proud of the overall 3rd place finisher and Ironwoman winner Shawn Alladio of K38 Water Safety fame, the newest member of PWCOFFSHORE Racing. Alladio raced the entire 30 laps on her stock Kawasaki ULTRA 250X without a teammate, Ironwoman style. She finished in 6 hours, 19 minutes. “That’s the real deal as far as I’m concerned,” said Gerner, who competed Ironman in the previous two years at the Hahn. “Running in those conditions and doing as many laps as Alladio did, that’s endurance racing and merits a great deal of respect.”

Iron Man Tri-athlete Kim Bushong of PWCOFFSHORE (top ten finisher in the Kona, HI Iron Man) teamed with Dave "Pirate" Tew of Southern California and took home the overall Vet Master Championship and the 5th Overall spot; this was Lordback Racing's first big win.

The awards banquet exceeded all expectations with dinner and beautiful trophy awards. "Honestly, Carreon and I just feel very honored to have had the opportunity to share the course with so many extremely talented racers and to race in Mark Hahn’s honor,” Gerner said. “It was a rough, technical race. It was the most difficult Mark Hahn competition I’ve done—the offshore training Robert Carreon and I do definitely helped. I’d also like to thank Mike Follmer of Mike Follmer Specialties & Yamaha, Ross Wallach of R.P.M Racing Enterprises and Jim Russell of DSM Events for putting on a fantastic race - this is a great event and we encourage people to come out and race in this annual competition.” Mr. Mark Hahn, your legacy lives on.

PWCOFFSHORE wishes to thank their sponsors for their great race support.. They are R&D Racing Products, HYDRO-TURF, OTB Boots, Liquid Militia Clothing, PWCOFFSHORE.com Racing. PWCOFFSHORE also wishes to recognize and thank Florida Team Moto for their support

2009 Upcoming Races:
April 5, 2009 - The APBA Dana Point, Ca to Avalon Offshore Sprint
July 12, 2009 - The Annual APBA Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship "LB2CAT" entry forms available at www.pwcoffshore.com

Top 5 teams At The 2009 Mark Hahn: 1. Robert Carreon/Mark Gerner, 30 laps, 6:05:31, Kawasaki Ultra 250X 2. Paul Pham/Pat Roque, 30 laps, 6:06:57, Sea-Doo RXT 3. Shawn Alladio, 30 laps, 6:19:09, Kawasaki Ultra 250X (Ironwoman winner)4. Jean-Bruno Pastorello, 29 laps, 6:06:56, Kawasaki Ultra 250X 5. Kim Bushong/David Tew, 29 laps, 6:19:09, Kawasaki Ultra 250X

Congratulations Kawasaki for four of the top five spots!

For the complete results, visit www.apbaracing.com or www.pwcoffshore.com

Dave Tew and Kim Bushong of PWCOFFSHORE Take 2009 Vet Master Class

2009 Mark Hahn 300 Mile Memorial PWC Endurance Race

2009 Veteran Masters Open Class ChampionsPWCOFFSHORE racer Kim “Ironman” Bushong and AWA - Socal Watercraft Club member David “Pirate” Tew won the overall Vet Masters Championship at the World’s Longest Continuous Running Endurance PWC Race, the Mark Hahn 300. The Southern Californian endurance racers paired up together, piloting Pirates #33 Kawasaki Ultra 250X. The red rocket ran an impressive 29 laps at ten miles per loop for a time of 6 hours, 18 minutes and 53 seconds. The team also rounded out the top 5 finish positions on the prestigious overall Podium for the PWCOFFSHORE race team, taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th respectively our of a field of 59 race teams.LordBlack Race Team Member, ‘Pirate’ is favorite by his beloved mascot Captain Morgan, his family and club members. Pirate is a tenacious and practical opponent on the track, never to be underestimated, just look at his nickname! Kim is one of the pioneers of Ironman triathlons setting the current pace millions of aficionados worldwide now enjoy. He’s a natural athlete that understands the rigors of enduring great distances and the will power of determination.The Southern California Watercraft Club members pitted for the #33 team: Russell Libby, Dave Brewer, Brian Largartica, Trent Tew, Travis Campbell, Danny De La CruzLiquid Militia Pit Crew batted second up when club members came to the hot pits at the same time, it was a festive and fun atmosphere with a competitive edge that served the membership well.The Mark Hahn is one of three long distance races on the West Coast. Bushong and his team plan to contest the other two, the Dana Point to Avalon Offshore Sprint, and the LB2CAT events. The former starts in at Dana Point, in Orange County, Calif., and crosses the Catalina channel to Avalon on Catalina. The LB2CAT is the round trip race from Long Beach, Ca. to Catalina and back.Socal Watercraft Club MembersSponsors: PWCOFFSHORE.com, Hydro-Turf, R&D, OTB Boots, Liquid Militia, Captain Morgan, AWA


Steve Friebe Announces His Retirement From PWC Racing, Endurance Racing Loses One Of Its Titans

All, Competitive, honest, committed and a huge heart, this is Steve Friebe. We congratulate Steve on his successful racing career and for leaving his mark on endurance racing for many years to come. Anyone who knows endurance racing knows Steve Friebe. Anyone who needs to know anything about a SeaDoo, knows Steve Friebe. Steve's retirement is bitter sweet to all of us. We support Steve wholeheartedly. On behalf of PWCOFFSHORE, we thank Steve for his commitment to endurance racing, being a team player and wish him only the very best that life has to offer Steve and his family. He genuinely deserves it. The racing community is sad to see Steve put down his helmet and move on but appreciates and respects his decision to move on to the next phase of his life. It has been a genuine honor to know Steve and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with Steve, we're just really going to miss him on the race course. All respects to Steve FriebeSteve Friebe of Clovis, California: Primary Race Craft: 2005 SeaDoo RXPSteve was born and raised in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. He started his career in the Motorsports industry as a technician at a Honda, John Deere dealer back in 1978. In 1982 Steve left the cold country to move to sunny California. Upon moving to California, Steve went to work for Clawson Motorsport and works there to this day, the same shop where he started when he moved to California. When asked about his job, Steve says "I'm sure glad I don’t have to go to work every day, I just get to go play, learn and have a good time.” Steve started racing jet skis back in 1999 and was hooked immediately. The long endurance races are his favorite due to all of the additional requirements such as perfect fuel stops, quick rider changes and an effective race strategy. Steve says, ”the best part about racing is all the great people you get to meet and hang out with.” Steve estimates that he has done the Long Beach to Catalina and back training ride approximately 35 times. Steve's most prized accomplishment was winning the Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mile race in 2006. Steve's best finish in the Long Beach to Catalina race is third - he made the podium! Steve is married to his wife Gail and has a 19 year old daughter named Bailey. Steve Friebe's Race History: APBA #70933 USWRA # US00602. Years riding 20. Years Racing 10. 2006 Seadoo RXP 2006 National Team Endurance Champion Winner of The Mark Hahn Memorial 300 New World Record 4 hours 50 Minutes (2006), East West Texas Cup Overall Winner 2005 USWRA Supercourse Rankings, 1st in Masters Class 2005 USWRA Supercourse Rankings , 1st in Pro-am 4 stroke Superstock 2005 Teamsport Racing Supercourse Series Masters Class Champion 2005 Teamsport Racing Supercourse Series 3rd overall, Pro-am 4 stroke superstock 2004 BP Motorsports endurance series 2nd overall, Overall Winner Team 400 Endurance Race, 3rd Overall Long Beach to Catalina Race, 9th Overall World Finals Super Course Race, 3rd Overall APBA Sprint Race Series 2003 BP Motorsports endurance series Champion, Class Champion Long Beach to Catalina race, 3 overall wins out of four team races 2002 IJSBA / BP Motorsports endurance series 7th overall, Masters Class Champion in Gran Prix series, Class Champion Long Beach to Catalina race. 2007 Race Results: Region 1: Mark Hahn Memorial 11th overall, 7th pro-am 4 Stroke. SCSC Spring Classic Parker AZ, 1st overall, 1st pro-am open. Long Beach to Catalina 5th overall, 5th proam. Region 2: Clearlake Supercourse, 3rd overall, 2nd pro-am open. Camp Far West Supercourse, 1st overall, 1st proam open. Region 5: Team Sport Supercourse series, 1st am-vets, 7th pro-am open. Texas Cup Challenge, 1st am-vets, 6th pro-am open. Supercourse Nationals, 1st am-vets, 4th pro-am open. APBA Supercourse high points for 2007, 1st am-vets 4th pro-am open, 2nd place overall in the 2008 Mark Hahn 300 mile endurance race. 2008 Long Beach to Catalina Offshore National Championship - 7th overall. ==================================================
From Mr. Friebe:
Subject: Thanks for ten GREAT YEARS!After 10 years of full throttle action, my family and I have decided it is time for us to retire from racing. Anyone that has that competitive blood in their veins knows that this decision was not an easy one. With grandkids at the dirt biking age and the desert just a couple hours away, I have decided to slow down and smell the roses and change direction. Over the years I have had the privilege of racing in well over two hundred events with some of the greatest racers and people around. I feel the need to thank them, if I forget anyone it is not my intent. First and foremost I need to thank my wife Gail and daughter Bailey for putting up with the financial and time demands. I thank them for their patience, their encouragement and their unyielding support. Larry Ham got me hooked on this sport back in 1999. It took only one race and I was hooked and I have not looked back since. I'm confident most of you got started that way also. I want to thank the promoters starting way back when with Lou and Lois Peralta, Marty and Lynne Roberts from the great state of Texas, Ross Wallach, Mike Follmer, Jim Russell from our own region won, Jim Lambert from Djsa in Nor-Cal and Mark Gerner of PWCOFFSHORE.com. I know Mark says “ I am not the promoter” all the time but I don’t know of a better promoter of offshore endurance racing.I could not have had the success I had without some extremely talented and fast team partners. Jon Casner, Charley Evans, Matt Legerski and Lee Phan all “ride it like you stole it” to coin the phrase. The shop where I work, Clawson Motorsports has been my number one sponsor for my entire 10 year racing career. I thank them for always being willing to help out in any way they could. Larry Noble and Larry Ham of Noble racing furnished me with a three year e-ticket ride in the Texas Supercourse series. Hydroturf, R+D racing, Riva Racing, Slippery, OTB, PWCOFFSHORE.com, Liquid Militia and K38 have all helped me be a better racer with their products and or services. I thank all of you. Thanks to each and every rider that I had the privilege to tear it up with on the course. So many of you have completely amazed me with your talent. I will treasure these moments forever. I don’t plan on being out of the loop. I plan to stay engaged by working on pwc’s. This continues to be my livelihood and I don’t plan on losing an edge in that regard. I am looking forward to being a spectator at a race near you so PIN IT TO WIN IT!Sincerely,Steve Friebe

Yamaha R&D Team Follmer Highest Placing Yamaha at 2009 Mark Hahn 300

YAMAHA R&D Team FOLLMER Highest Placing YAMAHA at Mark Hahn Havasu 300
MARCH 3, 2009 – FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA. - After a year of intense planning and preparation the eve of the 5th Annual APBA Mark Hahn Havasu 300 Team Endurance Race was upon us. Although the entries were down only a few from last year due to the economy, expectations and spirits were once again extremely high among the entrants, crews and spectators who made the trek to Lake Havasu to honor the memory of Mark Hahn and compete in the World’s Longest Continuous PWC Race.
Having been in the idyllic weather in Havasu for the entire week prior to the race preparing the race site and banquet facility, one can only image what a shock it was to wake up on race day to find the wind blowing at over 35 mile per hour! Besides trying not to get blown away, the main topic on Crazy Horse Beach before the riders meeting was how to ride the wild waves of Havasu for 6 long hours and what the wind was going to do to everyone’s race and pit strategies. With the pits set up and everyone anxious to get started, promoter Jim Russell of DSM and Ross Wallach conducted a riders meeting on the beach to remind us all about the race rules and to remind all of us why we were there for the fifth year in a row – to honor the memory of the race’s namesake – Mark Hahn. After the rider’s meeting a pace and familiarization lap was run around the 10 mile course that was laid out on Lake Havasu and then the racers had a few minutes before the grand prix start to top off their fuel tanks.
Factory YAMAHA R&D Team FOLLMER entered two boats in the 5th Annual Mark Hahn Memorial – Boat #2, a YAMAHA FX SHO that was ridden by Tony Beck of Walt’s Motorsports and Mike Follmer, and Boat #26, a YAMAHA FX SHO expertly ridden by the all female team of Niky Goudreau and Lark Schmitt. Both YAMAHA R&D Team
FOLLMER FX SHO’s were expertly prepared by Bill Chapin of R&D Performance Products,Fifty four (54) boats lined up along the Crazy Horse Beach for the Land Rush start with Tony Beck on our #2 FX SHO alongside of Niky Goudreau aboard our #26 entry to do their first stints battling the wild water of Lake Havasu. Jim Russell’s shotgun blast started all 54 boats at exactly 9:15 AM in a wall of water spray from the beach toward the first course buoy, always a great sight to see! The extremely rough water with its white caps whipped by the fierce winds was a definite challenge to negotiate as you had to stand the entire time and manage the throttle lever delicately in an attempt to maintain your speed while keeping the boat from going airborne.
YHAMAH R&D Team FOLLMER’s pit strategy was for #26 with Niky aboard to start the race and pit every five laps for fuel and a rider change, and for the #2 to pit for fuel and a fresh rider on every 6th lap. This staggering of our stops allowed us to use one trailer and Rhino for both boats and insure that our pit crew could make the transition of the boats out of the water as quickly as possible and add 18 gallons of fuel without spilling any. All of our pit stops and rider changes throughout the day were clocked at less than 1 minute. Tony Beck managed to get the #2 into contention in the top ten at the conclusion of his first tour and the #26 was keeping pace right behind in 12th place.
After 6 hours of battling the elements and watching as other competitors fell by the wayside we brought home the #2 YAMAHA FX SHO in 8th place overall with 28 laps and the #26 YAMAHA FX SHO in 12th place with 26 laps. The real accomplishment of the race was that we were the first YAMAHA in the overall standings.
The awards banquet was once again an over the top affair. With a dinner for over three hundred people, catered by Lake Havasu’s Taco Hacienda, everyone had plenty of good food to go along with all of the tall tales from the day of racing.


Shawn Alladio Takes Ironwoman Title at the 2009 Mark Hahn 300 Mile PWC Race


TUSTIN, CALIF., (3/6/09) - Shawn Alladio, owner of K38Rescue, took top honors in the Ironwoman class as well as third place in the overall finishing standings at the Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mile personal watercraft endurance race at Lake Havasu City, Arizona USA on Saturday, February 28th, 2009.
Alladio, riding for PWCOffshore.com Racing, completed the grueling 300-mile race at Lake Havasu, Arizona, where the usual winter winds of 30 mph blowing across the water added one to two feet of wind waves, in just over six hours for an average speed of nearly 50 miles per hour. To win the Ironwoman class, a woman must ride the entire race without rider change. Most team entries, both male and female, use two riders who usually switch every three or four laps of the ten-mile racecourse.
In typical Alladio fashion, Shawn credits her absolutely stock Kawasaki Ultra 250X JET SKI® watercraft and her crew for her success. “The Mark Hahn 300 is a team event. A racer doesn’t make the event, the team effort does,” Alladio says. “My PWCoffshore.com team mates helped me with pre-race training and pit-crew training. My amazing, ten-person Liquid Militia pit crew was ready and successfully completed our six flawless refueling stops.” For each refueling stop the race rules required the pit crew to take the race boats out of the lake to a designated refueling area about 30 feet from the shore. Moving the thousand-pound boat back and forth across the beach called for precision and coordinated effort by the entire pit crew.
Regarding Shawn Alladio's Ironwoman performance and podium, PWCOFFSHORE team mate and Overall winner Mark Gerner said "That's the real deal as far as I'm concerned,". Gerner had competed himself the previous two years in the Ironman position. "Running in those conditions and doing as many laps as she did, that's fantastic." Gerner, a former Marine Corps Infantry Officer paid Alladio the ultimate compliment, "she is a warrior and a tremendous addition to the PWCOFFSHORE Team".
Alladio added that as long as her strength and determination matched the power of her JET SKI watercraft, her pit crew would make the difference in finishing first or not. And they all succeeded.
Alladio borrowed the showroom stock Kawasaki from her Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. corporate sponsor one day before the race, giving her team enough time to give the boat a thorough once-over and add the logos of her other sponsors. Those sponsors included the American Watercraft Association, PWCOFFSHORE.com Race Team, Liquid Militia Clothing, Hydro-Turf, R&D, OTB Boots, Mustang Survival, K38 Gear, Betty Belts, Hypnotic Films, along with running the American and USMC flags.
The Mark Hahn is one of three long distance races on the West Coast. Alladio and her team plan to contest the other two, the Dana Point to Avalon Offshore Sprint, and the LB2CAT events. The former starts in at Dana Point, in Orange County, Calif., and crosses the Catalina channel to Avalon on Catalina. The LB2CAT is the round trip race from Long Beach, Ca., to Catalina and back.
Alladio said she is also making arrangements to race a European offshore event at Roslagsloppet, Sweden, in August.
In 2009, K38 Water Safety celebrates 20 years of service to recreational, occupational and event management water safety and education! K38 has trained thousands of personnel from fire rescue, lifesaving, military, law enforcement, and search, rescue agencies, and is the worldwide-recognized authority in the occupational use and application of Personal Watercraft. K38 is represented through accredited affiliates in 14 countries worldwide teaching water rescue, racing, officiating, event management, operations, swiftwater, flood, big wave, towsurfing and industry support using JET SKI watercraft for rescue or patrol applications. K38 is founded by Shawn Alladio, a professional IJSBA racer for 2 decades, National Safe Boating Council instructor and water rescue professional. K38’s motto is ‘The Life You Save May Be Your Own’
For more information on PWC / Jetski endurance racing, go to www.pwcoffshore.com

Trawlercat On The 2009 Mark Hahn 300 PWC Race

Subject: Trawlercat on 2009 Mark Hahn 300 mile race

Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. Vince LombardiSo what gives? I’m now one of the youngest guys in my yacht club but one of the oldest guys racing? Hopefully, it’ll only be the ski that breaks at WOT (wide open throttle) and not me! I coined those words a few days prior to the start of the Mark Hahn 300 mile endurance race (Feb 28, 2009) to get a running start on the never ending Trawlercat Chronicles. I actually wasn’t that far off, for you see my ski did break – supercharger gave out at the 192 mile mark. What’s worse is that we just moved up to 5th place overall. Pwcoffshore.com offshore endurance riders – cleaned up with its founder (M. Gerner and R. Carreon) taking the overall first place trophy. Visit www.pwcfun.com/markhahn300.asp or http://www.pwcoffshore.com/ for the entire lineup and rankings. Thank you Mark for the true professional you are, the dedication, commitment, effort and for making all of us look good. Hooooah! I also believe that we have shown the west coast what offshore riders can do inland – even in extreme conditions – more on that later!Pwcoffshore endurance riding may for now just be a west coast phenomena but hopefully, in time we (our team) will travel on the company jet to the east coast to see how we fare up to our east coast counterparts. They don’t have to worry yet, we won’t be showing until the economy recovers – and that may still be a year or two off. East coast readers, what’s the name of your race? Our races are known as the LB2CAT (original) and the one we just won – the one with the most spirit, passion and commitment from the officials and community, including their Mayor – the Mark Hahn 300 mile endurance race. Picture this. A force maybe even bordering on religion said, “Let there be endurance racing” and so it was. The skies parted, the wind gods were summoned and ……Predictions – What can one say about predictions. To me I am now officially done with making any more weather predictions – so long as I live. Truly those combined prayers by those Kawasaki Ultra owners and team riders were answered. Week before the race – sunny, flat near 80 degrees, winds maybe 6 knots. Day before the race, flat, 81 degrees, minimal to no wind. Day of the race – forget the weather – winds from the California side started blowing around 4 a.m. with a vengeance; creating huge lake like white caps for the start of the race. Truly a different experience as we were lulled into a false set of security upon our arrival to Lake Havasu. The 10 mile course was now a definite 300 mile endurance race. So just how does Lake Havasu do it? To get through the 10 mile course my partner (Sean Conner – The Terminator) started by first heading straight into waves coming directly at him. Great WOT (wide open throttle) run for us offshore guys and gals. If you’re already signed up for the Dana Point to Avalon Sprint, Sunday, April 5, 2009 – 8 a.m. then we’ll see you there. This is more of what we’ll be serving you but, much, much more and way bigger. But then, I’m done with predictions – remember!!! So, don’t hold me to it. For those not familiar with the Mark Hahn course I’ll describe the first 10 miles as I saw it. From the ca-ching (scoring boat zig zag buoy) to the first turn boat I’ll coin this the WOT Head Seas Run. Great run for offshore riders, but not so much fun for those wanting to sit and ride. From Turn Boat 1 to Turn Boat 2 I’ll call this part the Beam Seas Run. The combined effects of the wind and water was now hitting your starboard (right side) as you zig zagged your way to the turn boat due to all that “swell” action. From Turn Boat 2 to Turn Boat 3 this is what did many in, for I will now refer to this run as the Heart Break Supercharger Run. You are now running with the waves; depending on your boat and speed your PWC is now experiencing a near drowning situation. The conditions were not making it right for most of us to stay hooked up. I felt that supercharger working hard but, just like magic – midway down the run conditions changed. Now you were in for confused mixed seas. This is where I predict that all the lake boat swells come to congregate. Someone that launched their pontoon, bass or fishing boat say 10 miles away, in any direction; their swells eventually found their way here. This swell then makes friends with other swells. Pretty soon they will throw together a “swell” party. You will “crash” this swell party after just getting through Heart Break Supercharger Run. Now you round Boat 4 and things begin to look up. You are WOT close to the shoreline but not too close to run into trouble with the 2 feet of water or “no swell” markers. Remember, those beam seas you encountered just after Boat 2? Well, those beam seas have long since found deep water and have gotten larger and more confusing after a short distance and they are now not your friends. But from here – you can safely see your friends, the scoring boat and even the pit crew. The “barn” is now in full view and your trusty steed has now taken your nearly around the entire course. You are now ready to enter the ca-ching and be counted. All that effort you expanded, all that sweat, endurance training just to get to this point. This my friends, is your culmination point. It can be a sexy thing for some but, not for others for you see many that reach this point have or will:a) Hit the scoring boat;b) Embarrass themselves by falling;c) Round the buoys the wrong way;d) Pass your competition in the no passing zone; e) Opt to DNF (did not finish)f) Beg/plead to have their partner switch riders;g) Run into each other; orh) Effortlessly glide across putting on the best show of their lives for all and one alike to see. And that my friends is the end of Lap 1 with only 29 more laps to go. “Cowards won’t show and the weak will die” Does this border on the impossible for you? Not so says SoCal Watercraft Club rider Aha and his team mate (Mona) from Detroit; whose first time on a jet ski was only a short few months ago. Not so says Ironwoman Shawn Alladio who was planning on riding one of her many trusty steeds she uses to train others. Visit www. k38watersafety.com/forum/index.php for more info. She was planning on riding the Kawasaki F-15 model she affectionately refers to as “Jay”. In the end she showed us what can be done on the Ultra 250X. Thank you Kawasaki for you have given us another win for the team. I write most of this story from the comfort of a hotel bed having only ridden half the 190 mile laps before breaking down. Thank you partner Sean for a great start. Am I going to be sore when I stand up? Maybe so, but not as sore as those that tried to ride the course while sitting down. I referred to skis earlier as steeds but they are far from one. You do not have stirrups to cushion the blows to your lower back. But what you can have is what our offshore riders refer to as foot wedges from Hydro Turf (http://www.hydroturf.com/). Thank you Hydro Turf for a great product and a great sponsorship. The team thanks you with a win!You need lifter wedges for these type of riding conditions to stay on your ski. To top it all off you also need non-slip great looking seat covers and mats. To use the wedges you need to stand up and let your legs do most of the work. Wedges keep you on your boat. If you want to know how to install them visit http://www.pwcoffshore.com/. Those four or so riders we saw fly off their ski’s at the start – possibly were not using wedges or were not standing up. For all those others that did experience mechanical failures or issues you know that endurance racing is not only about the mode of transportation (PWC, car, motorcycle or boat) but about the person. Did you perform to your full potential. Hours after the awards banquet and celebratory parties I know most slept the sleep of content for their extremely worthy accomplishments. A special thank you to my original partner Jim W (OU812); your work commitments come first but, thank you for your continued support and on the water testing of our Ultra. Thank you for setting it up with our Pit Crew Chief – O’Side Bill. You did a great job and are now a great new friend. His fuel sucker, my son Mike has now caught the offshore racing spirit. You may see him in the Mark Hahn 2010. The individual team effort in the words of Vince Lombardi is what is needed to make it all work out. “Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” Vince LombardiUntil next time - See you on the (saltwater)!Trawlercat


Steward Of The Environment

Steward Of The Environment

After riding PWCs in the ocean for the last 13 years, I experienced yet another first this past Sunday. The group made a Long Beach to Catalina and back offshore training ride and we had about 10 Racers, including Shawn Alladio. I'll save you the detail, the long story short is that we had a great pace out, a great pace on the return leg from Avalon only for me to experience a mechanical about 14 miles from Long Beach. Shawn Alladio, the consumate professional who is always willing to assist, quickly jumped in and offered to give me a tow from her reliable Kawasaki 12F. I agreed, we linked up and away we went at the speed of 12 knots. We talked about various topics then at about ten minutes into the tow I noticed Shawn veering off course and found myself wondered what she was doing. She appeared focused, given that it was Shawn I didn't question and just let her do her thing. I must acknowledge that I wondered why she was going so far off course towing the thousand pound ULTRA250X craft, but she appeared to be determined and therefore I thought, so be it, let her do her thing. Off in the distance I saw some trash drifting in the ocean with Shawn clearly focused on getting it out of the water. "Is she going this far out of the way to pick up drifting trash" I thought. Sure enough, she went over, picked it out of the water and placed it safely in the tray. "I hate trash in the water' said Shawn. This process happened three more times during the long tow back. I must acknowledge that I always pick up anything I drop in the water, however I have never altered my course while I'm over 10 miles off shore to go pick up a piece of plastic. This was a first and resulted in a shift of my paradigm, one of many thigs Shawn Alladio does well. Shawn is the real deal, she gives a sh-- and her actions (her actions) demonstrate. Some people talk smack and then fail to execute, others lead by example and action. Shawn is one of these people.
For more information of offshore and endurance PWC / Jetski racing: www.pwcoffshore.com