Tuesday, November 22, 2011

*DVD* PWCOFFSHORE.COM Announces The Release of The 2011 APBA Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore US National Championship Race coverage DVD.

Available here: http://www.pwcoffshore.com/DVD_LB2CAT_BACK.php

The best of offshore PWC racing gathered on July 17, 2011 to test their skills against the best offshore racers in the world. The historic Long Beach to Catalina and Back race starts at the Queen Mary for a 28 mile run across the open Pacific Ocean to a turn boat off the coast of Avalon (Catalina Island), then back another 28 miles through Queen’s Gate to a finish boat by the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Get your copy of the DVD via PWCOFFSHORE.COM for complete race coverage from the helicopter!

Who gets the best start? Who's in the lead at the break wall? Who passes who en route to Avalon? Turn boat order? Thinking about racing and want to see for yourself what it’s all about? Study the riding forms of some of the best offshore racers in the world! How do the Yamaha's do in this race? How do the SeaDoos's do in this race? How does the new Kawasaki ULTRA 300X perform during the 2011 LB2CAT? Get your copy of the DVD via pwcoffshore.com LB2CAT DVD Page and see what it’s all about!http://www.pwcoffshore.com/DVD_LB2CAT_BACK.php

PWCOFFSHORE.COM and the offshore racing community wishes to thank the 2011 LB2CAT DVD Sponsors. They are The APBA, TAD Racing Doug White, GreenHulk.net Performance Forums, 4-Tecperformance.com for PWC performance parts, KC Heidler & PWCRACINGTEAM.COM, Steve Friebe Fast Reliable Race Craft, Offshore Robot Racing, Santiago Kuan Racing, RPM Racing Enterprises, and of course PWCOFFSHORE.COM. Support those who support offshore racing!

Highlight is of PWCOFFSHORE.COM Sponsored PROAM Racer on the KAWASAKI ULTRA 300X (A stock 300 hp boat) closing in on Queen’s Gate toward the end of the race. http://vimeo.com/26806725

The 2012 LB2CAT is scheduled for July 22, 2012. Information available here: http://www.pwcoffshore.com/LB2CAT_Race_Page.html Be there!