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February 1, 2014

PWCOFFSHORE.COM Announces The 2014 PWCOFFSHORE.COM CORE Offshore Race Team

Craig Warner 
PWCOFFSHORE.COM CORE Racers are extremely accomplished offshore racing athletes that have committed to specific off...shore and endurance races to be completed in 2014. These are the most accomplished, committed and offshore race focused team members that PWCOFFSHORE.COM has to offer. The PWCOFFSHORE.COM CORE Race Team remains small, elite and unchanged for 2014; Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Craig Warner, KC Heidler and Mark Gerner have been selected for inclusion in the CORE race team. The CORE team has selected the Kawasaki ULTRA 310X as their primary race craft for 2014.

Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Craig Warner of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Craig Warner is arguably the best offshore PWC / Jet Ski racer in the world. With countless successes in individual races throughout the years, Craig has accumulated four IJSBA World Championship Titles, four LB2CAT Offshore National Championship Titles tying legendary racer Billy Womack for the most LB2CAT titles, Western States Series Champion, California and Arizona State Champion, National Tour Highpoints Champion; Craig Warner is now “the man to attempt to beat” in any offshore race he enters. Craig Warner
Craig Warner 
is an overall winner of the Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Mile race (with race partner Victor Sheldon), a two time Iron Man winner at the Mark Hahn 300 mile race, 2012 Triple Crown of Offshore Champion, 2012 PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing Warrior Award winner and a Monster Energy Kawasaki Sponsored Racer. Craig is also an accomplished Motocross and Snowmobile racer. Craig Warner is a Monster Energy Kawasaki Sponsored Racer. Craig Warner said “I’m pleased to go into my forth offshore race season with PWCOFFSHORE.COM CORE Race Team, these are the best of the best in big water and I look forward to bringing home many more championships for Monster Energy Kawasaki.”

Mark Gerner of Southern California, USA. A former Marine Corps Infantry Officer and endurance athlete with a number of marathons completed in his career. In addition to individual race successes, Mark is a former Triple Crown of Offshore overall Champion, a podium finisher at the Triple Crown of Offshore,
Mark Gerner 
Mark Hahn 300 mile race overall Champion (with race partner Robert Carreon), Mark Hahn 300 Iron Man winner, voted offshore Racer of the Year in 2009, and a three time podium (2nd place) finisher of the Long Beach to Catalina and Back Race Offshore National Championship Race behind Craig Warner. An offshore racing purest and aggressive rough water racer, Gerner has completed in excess of 200 cross channel transits from Long Beach to Catalina and back. Mark is president of the AWA PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing Club, founder of PWCOFFSHORE.COM and PWCOFFSHORE.COM team leader.  Mark Gerner said “I’m honored to be part of such an accomplished group of racers and surrounded by such tremendous talent; I look forward to competing and winning offshore in 2014 and beyond.” 

Mark Gerner 

KC Heidler of Southern California, USA. An accomplished Iron Man Triathlete and hockey player. In addition to many individual race successes throughout the years, KC Heidler is a three time IJSBA Veteran Master World Champion, Pro Western States Cup Arena Cross Tour Champion, a two-time podium finisher at the Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race, and a two-time 2nd place podium Triple Crown of Offshore finisher. KC Heidler was awarded the 2013
KC Heidler 
PWCOFFSHORE.COM Warrior Award for his accomplishments on the race course and as an ambassador for offshore racing. An accomplished business owner and entrepreneur, KC Heidler brings tremendous class, racing prowess and energy to PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing. KC Heidler said “I’m honored to be selected to the CORE Team for 2014, the talent and commitment to excellence here is phenomenal and I look forward to continuing to compete offshore and giving back to offshore racing.”

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Craig Warner
Mark Gerner 
Mark Gerner 
Craig Warner
KC Heidler 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

News Flash - Craig Warner Wins 2014 LB2CAT, Sets All Time Record For Championships!

Craig Warner Wins!
Flash: Monster Energy Kawasaki's and PWCOFFSHORE.COM CORE Team member Craig Warner wins the 2014 Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race (aka "The LB2CAT") on the Factory Built Turbo Kawasaki ULTRA! Sets all time record of five total championships beating legendary racer Billy Womack's record of four! Kawasaki Sweeps podium with Craig Warner, KC Heidler of PWCOFFSHORE.COM CORE Team and Factory Kawasaki Minoru Kanamori (on a manf stock 310R!) all on the Kawasaki ULTRA platform. Yamaha and/or SeaDoo does not answer for offshore in 2014 at LB2CAT. Kawasaki Dominates. “Those to watch” Mark Gerner of PWCOFFSHORE.COM CORE Team DNF's with a mechanical on the next-gen Turbo Kawasaki, Tera Laho DNF's on the Yamaha SVHO and two time Australian Offshore Champion Christian D’Agostin, Queensland goes down early and DNF's early with a blown hose clamp - many were looking forward to seeing Christian test his steel with the best of offshore and were sorry to see him go down so early in this race. More information and pictures coming!
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Minoru Kanamori
KC Heidler:
Mark Gerner at 2014 LB2CAT
Christian D'Agostin
Anthony Radetic

I Am Not Inspired Easily, Anthony Radetic Inspires Me

I am not inspired easily, Anthony Radetic inspires me. Many people crumble when presented with adversity or true challenges; they find a way out, convince themselves that it can’t be done, take the path of least resistance, try to change the rules or find excuses. Not Anthony Radetic. Anthony is a former Army Blackhawk pilot and injured veteran, he is a spinal cord paraplegic and spends some time in a wheelchair. That is, when he’s not swimming, on a Jet Ski, competing in competitive hand cycling events, competitive and professional skiing at the international level which includes backflips and other impressive feats of athleticism and all other sports that he can compete in. Anthony decided he would be the first person in history to get out of his wheelchair, mount a Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski) and take on the annual Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship 58 mile race. This race intimidates most seasoned Jet Ski / PWC racers due to the channel’s unpredictable and potentially rough conditions that involve traveling out to sea 28 miles to a turn boat off Catalina and Back to the Queen Mary in Long Beach. The channel can be flat and clear one moment and
within 15 minutes winds, fog and currents can kick up whitecaps and six footers. Anthony was not intimidated, and he did it yesterday. Quite an accomplishment! Congratulations to Anthony Radetic and all respects from all of us at PWCOFFSHORE.COM for this tremendous accomplishment. Pictured on the red Kawasaki ULTRA 310X is legendary safety instructor and racer Ms. Shawn Alladio of K38 Safety and a member of PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing. Shawn Alladio played a major role in Anthony’s preparation for the race. 7/21/2014 Mark Gerner